Dark Mage, Chapter 22: Ozzie’s Lament, Part Two

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily learned the Spider Witch’s plans, and discovered that the Tutorial Trap was much more sinister than previously thought. Will Emily realize that telling the Spider Witch the location of the Very Definitely Final Dungeon is a Bad Thing? Find out after the cut.

And we return to Ozzie’s scenario!

Ozzie, Lorren, and Blaze the dragonfly are hanging out on a nexus, because I guess the last portal they took led them there. They play some dragonfly-phone tag with Kara, which is how they discover that Kara sent Goldie back to Ravenswood. So they send Barney the dragonfly to Kara and finally get a hold of her. Lorren, who is quite pissed at Kara for kicking Goldie out of her party, tries to recap everything that’s happened so far in everyone’s scenarios — namely, that his party is trying to find Emily, and that Adriane ran off to Packhome after defeating the shadow dragon. Kara updates Lorren on her quest status, and makes it quite clear that she’s pissed at Adriane for not heading for the Garden like everyone planned. Lorren gets pissed at Kara for working with Logan because he’s bad news. Turns out that the Fairy Underground (remember them?) has a massive file on him.

Meanwhile, Ozzie — who is quite annoyed with everyone being pissed off at each other — walks off and sees strands of the Magic Web breaking off and joining some green mass in the distance. (It’s the Spider Witch’s web, in case you hadn’t figured that out already.) He then leans against something and laments about how nobody in the party ever listens to him or takes him seriously. Suddenly, he notices that the thing he’s leaning against is magical! Ozzie digs into the thing and discovers … a Power Crystal!

Ozzie tries to get Lorren’s attention — because, let’s face it, the party can finally go on to the final dungeon and save everyone — but Lorren is still arguing with Kara. Lorren is pissed this time because Kara thinks Lorren’s not a good party member. And it’s all because he doesn’t know any spells. Though, I guess if Kara knew anything about RPGs, she would realize that having a pure fighter character would totally balance out this mage-heavy party. Eventually, Ozzie gets Lorren’s attention by shooing away Blaze and shoving the Power Crystal in his face. Lorren then gives Kara an updated quest status, but Kara doesn’t give a shit because she wants to complete her proto-Power Crystal. Kara then hangs up.

Now with the final Power Crystal in their possession, Ozzie’s party returns to Ravenswood. Ozzie was smart and marked the Ravenswood portal with some trail mix … once again proving that Ozzie can be a good party member.

Back at Ravenswood, the animals all glomp Ozzie. Tasha, who is conveniently around with her magitech iPhone, scans the Power Crystal and reveals that its driving the animals insane. And by animals, I also mean Lyra, who pounces on Ozzie and asks him where Kara is. Ozzie orders the animals to back off … and they all listen to him!

Tasha then reveals that Ozzie’s Ferret Stone was the only Sparkly Rock (well, other than Zach’s Dragon Stone, but I guess he’s not appearing in this story anytime soon) that wasn’t corrupted by a Power Crystal’s dark magic. She then discovers that the Spider Witch has added the Gates of Avalon to her web!

Now with the location of the Very Definitely Final Dungeon revealed, the party has to get there with the Power Crystals ASAP! Tweek (who conveniently showed up) reminds the party that they’re still a Power Crystal short. I guess he didn’t get Kara’s last quest status update — but not to worry, Lorren updates him.

Tasha then looks up the rest of the party’s Sparkly Rocks on her iPhone, and discovers that they have all turned dark! The rest of the party has all bonded with dark magic … and it’s altering their behavior! That’s right, the entire party is being mind-raped.

Now that it looks like shit is really going to hit the fan, the party decides to portal-jump to the Gates of Avalon. Tweek calibrates some portals, and the rest of the party prepares to jump. However, Lyra and Ozzie order the rest of the party to stay behind and defend Ravenswood. Besides, it’s time for the endgame: no more save points, the enemies are going to be even harder, and opening the Gates with dark magic-tainted Power Crystals may be a Very Bad Idea.

Thankfully, the rest of the party agrees, so they let Ozzie and Lyra jump into the portal alone….

Power Crystal Count: 9 of 9
Hooray! Time to open up the Very Definitely Final Dungeon Gates of Avalon!

Next time: Kara crashes a dragon party.


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