Dark Mage, Chapter 21: Traps Within Traps

Last time on Dark Mage, Kara and Lorren finally make a replacement proto-Power Crystal. Where will Kara find some animal magic to complete said crystal? Find out after the cut.

And we return to Emily’s scenario!

Emily finally notices that the Spider Witch has a map of the original Magic Web hanging up in her lair. But that’s not really important right now. Instead, Emily does her best Charlton Heston as Moses impersonation and goes “LET MY PALADIN AND UNICORNS GO!”

But no, the Spider Witch isn’t going to let Indi and the unicorns go. Instead, she’s going to reveal further consequences of the Tutorial Trap from the last book!

It turns out that traces of the weaving Emily made during the Tutorial Trap still existed long after Emily cast the spell, and the Spider Witch used her magic-weaving powers to direct said traces at the unicorns. The unicorns, being idiots, all followed the spell and wound up at the Spider Witch’s lair. The Spider Witch then ordered the kobolds to meet Emily’s party so she could “save” the Otherworlds. Oh, and it turns out that Emily’s spell from the Tutorial Trap also summoned a shit-ton of shadow creatures.

So what’s the Spider Witch’s great plan? Well, she wants to replace the current Magic Web with a new one, and she’s going to use her brainwashed unicorns to spread her magic over it.

So yeah … great job, Emily. You screwed everyone over.

There’s one not-so-bad revelation, though: the Power Crystal the Spider Witch possesses is a healing crystal. And by healing, I mean “magic-weaving”. It turns out that healing is a type of reality-warping in the Avalon universe. So Emily’s been manipulating reality for the entire series. Good to know.

Anyway, back to the Spider Witch’s plan. Emily points out that the unicorns won’t give their magic to the Spider Witch, because I guess she’s evil or something. Of course, the Spider Witch already knew that — she planned on having the unicorns give their magic to Emily so she can lead them.

Emily then realizes that the Spider Witch may actually have a point! The party’s goal is to find Avalon and heal the Magic Web, and the Spider Witch obviously wants to complete the latter objective. Granted, she wants to control the new web, but still … a new magic web means that the worlds will still be connected, and everyone still gets magic so they can survive. Emily casts Aura Sight on the map tapestry, and discovers that the original web still exists, which means that Emily can attempt to restore the original web somehow.

So Emily decides to go along with the Spider Witch’s plan for now. The Spider Witch tells Emily that she has to locate the Gates of Avalon first, which won’t be a problem because Indi knows where they are. After the typical bad guy “MWAHAHA FOLLOW ME OR I’LL KILL ALL THE ANIMALS” stuff, the Spider Witch gives Emily the Power Crystal. Emily then orders Indi to reveal the Gates of Avalon on the Spider Witch’s map. Now with the location of the Very Definitely Final Dungeon revealed, the Spider Witch orders her army of spiders to weave the Gates of Avalon onto her map.

And suddenly, Emily discovers that she has Aura Sight always on. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Power Crystal Count: 8 of 9

Other Stuff I Didn’t Mention Above:
Emily asks the Spider Witch why the Original Party screwed up their quest. Unfortunately, the Spider Witch is not forthcoming with answers.

Next time: Ozzie does something useful for once.


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