Dark Mage, Chapter 20: Hooray for Item Creation!

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily finally found those missing unicorns and a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, the Spider Witch possesses said Power Crystal, and the unicorns have all been brainwashed with dark magic. Will Emily have to use her new reality-warping powers in a boss battle to save the unicorns and the Power Crystal? Find out after the cut.

And we’re back to Kara’s scenario!

So Kara, Lyra, and Logan head down to Logan’s magitech lab in the back of the club, which is guarded by some rock golems. Logan pretty much confirms that he’s a warlock because he reveals that he used warlock magic and alchemy to create his golem bouncers.

In the lab, Kara finds some glowing cages filled with invisible creatures that try to feed off her magic. Logan reveals that the cages are filled with shadow creatures, which take physical form after consuming magic. Shadow creatures have the nasty ability to consume magic until their host dies, so yeah … definitely endgame-type enemies. These particular shadow creatures are a special order for someone, and Logan isn’t going to reveal who that someone is. Of course, if you’re an observant reader, I think you can easily figure out who ordered them. Still, good to know that Logan’s your man for filling your Very Definitely Final Dungeon with nigh-unbeatable monsters.

Anyway, while Logan’s off looking for stuff to make a new Power Crystal, the rest of Kara’s party gets very pissed at Kara for wanting to work with Logan. Lyra wants Kara to work on the new crystal with the rest of the party, but Kara disagrees because a) she doesn’t want the rest of the party to bitch at her, and b) she wants to prove that she’s a good party member.

Logan finally gets the materials ready, so I guess it’s time to make that new Power Crystal! After measuring all the ingredients, Logan reveals that Kara needs to fill the proto-Power Crystal with animal magic at the Gates of Avalon, preferably with a unicorn’s or mistwolf’s magic. Kara, of course, doesn’t want to have to kill a unicorn or mistwolf, so she pretends to not know where to find them. Logan then suggests using a dragon’s magic. Kara thinks using a dragon’s magic is an excellent idea, so she agrees.

Logan is then interrupted by a convenient phone call, so he leaves. This gives Lyra another opportunity to voice her displeasure at Kara using dark magic to create a new Power Crystal. Kara gets pissed because the party isn’t letting her do what needs to be done to finish their quest, and then wishes Lyra and Goldie back to Ravenswood.

By this time, Logan is finished with his phone call, so he gets to help Kara complete the proto-Power Crystal. After some Ominous Not-Latin Chanting, Logan thrusts Kara’s hand into the ingredients so her magic can fuel the spell. And voila! Kara made a Power Crystal! Now all it needs is magic….

Power Crystal Count: 7 of 9

Other Stuff I Didn’t Mention Above:
Why does Logan want to help Kara make that Power Crystal? Well, he wants to learn more about Avalon and the Power Crystals, since nobody was smart enough to save any information on them.

Apparently Frankenstein and his monster existed in the Avalon universe. Unfortunately, said monster was just a zombie. So … I guess magic users can’t cast Resurrect?

Kids, make your own proto-Power Crystal at home! All you need is some iridium, mithril, agate, quartz, and fire essence! Parental supervision definitely required.

Next time: Emily learns the full ramifications of the Tutorial Trap.


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