Dark Mage, Chapter 19: Don’t Go Chasing Power Crystals

Last time on Dark Mage, Adriane’s party defeated a shadow dragon and retrieved a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, Adriane now has a Power Crystal stuck in her chest, and she’s invisible. Will she ever be returned back to normal? Can the party finish their quest if one of the main characters has a Power Crystal inside them? Find out after the cut.

And we’re finally back in Emily’s scenario!

Emily finds herself on the Spider Witch’s web with Indi, who was the giant purple thing that saved her way back during the last time we checked in on her. Since it’s been quite a damn while since we’ve looked in Emily’s scenario, and Indi probably has no idea what’s going on, Emily gives Indi a quick little recap. Obviously, I’m not going to recap Emily’s recap because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months.

After all the recapping is done, and Indi updates Emily on Lorren and Ozzie’s status, Emily decides to undo what she did earlier — that is, re-severing the Otherworlds from the Magic Web. So Emily casts Heal on herself (she hurt her ankle earlier) and examines the Spider Witch’s web. It turns out that the Spider Witch unraveled the original Magic Web, and used it to create the new web. Since the original web still exists under the new one, Emily thinks she can use her new magic weaving / reality warping powers to restore the original web. Just one problem: she needs more magic.

Good news, though: Indi has located a Power Crystal! So Emily mounts Indi, and they follow the crystal. The crystal is always just out of reach, and eventually it vanishes. Thankfully, Indi creates a portal to follow the crystal … but the party finds themselves on the edge of a mist-covered gorge. And on the other side of the gorge is a castle with spider web bridges swarming with giant spiders. In case you haven’t figured it out, Emily’s party has found the Spider Witch’s lair.

Emily senses unicorns inside the castle, so she tries contacting Lorelei, without much success. After realizing that the Power Crystal was attracted to the unicorns inside the castle, Emily tries summoning Fiona, but obviously fails yet again.

So you know what that means … looks like Emily and Indi are gonna have to jump!

And somehow Emily’s party manages to land inside the castle, instead of falling down a mist-filled bottomless pit. Emily can now hear Lorelei, so she dismounts Indi and heads further into the castle. Eventually she finds Lorelei and all the missing unicorns … but they’ve been tainted with dark magic! And even worse, they claim that they’ve been waiting for Emily to lead them! Dun-dun-DUN!

Emily tries casting Heal on the unicorns, but it has no effect. So she asks Indi for help … but someone tells Emily that Indi can’t help her. And that someone is the Spider Witch, who reweaves Indi’s magic to match all those dark magic-tainted unicorns. Oh, and she has that Power Crystal, too.

Next time: Kara learns that Frankenstein’s monster really existed.


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