Dark Mage, Chapter 18: The Better Part of Valor!

Last time on Dark Mage, Kara managed to enter a nightclub and met with Logan the dark fairy, who offered to help Kara make a new Power Crystal. Just one catch: they’ll need to use dark magic to make it. Will making a new Power Crystal be a Bad Thing? And why have we been focusing so much on Kara’s scenario? Find out after the cut.

And now we’re finally back in Adriane’s scenario! Not much has happened, though: the party has been walking through a redwood forest to a cave where the shadow dragon supposedly is. And Adriane is pissed at Kara for shopping instead of returning the Power Crystal or finding those missing unicorns.

Meanwhile, Gwyx wants to hunt some silver deer, but of course Drake refuses because he’s a fracking vegetarian. This goes against Gwyx’s warrior code, which is “eat or be eaten”.

Gwyx then tells the story of the shadow dragon: Long ago, when dragons bonded with humans, one mage thought it was an excellent idea to steal his bonded dragon’s magic. This dragon got so pissed by his mage’s betrayal that he turned into a shadow dragon and sought to steal the magic of all dragons. The dragons then moved to Dragon Home to escape the shadow dragon’s wrath. Gwyx thinks that a human summoned the shadow dragon to Dragon Home to kill all the dragons, since he thinks all humans are traitors. Adriane argues that there’s no way humans know about the shadow dragon, and Drake tries to convince Gwyx that not all humans are evil.

And then the party reaches the cave where the shadow dragon waits! Adriane suggests sneaking into the cave, so Dreamer shifts to mist form and cloaks the party. Conveniently, Dreamer can now track the shadow dragon in mist form. As the party advances through the cave, Adriane tells them to be very quiet. Gwyx, feeling very nervous about facing the shadow dragon, suggests hanging back by the cave entrance. Adriane manages to convince him to stay with the rest of the party.

So the party continues through the cave until they find the shadow dragon. Good news: the shadow dragon has a Power Crystal. Bad news: the shadow dragon has merged with the Power Crystal. Adriane signals to the party to attack … but it doesn’t quite work.

You see, Gwyx is unfortunately like Khalid from Baldur’s Gate: he runs from battles. Hey, at least we don’t have to hear him saying stuff like “The better part of valor! The better part of valor!”

Anyway, it’s time for a boss battle!

Boss: Shadow Dragon
A shadow creature feeding off a Power Crystal. Used to be a dragon bonded to a mage, until that mage decided to steal his magic.
Attacks: Fear

Since the battle is rather anticlimactic in the book, I’m gonna post the battle with the shadow dragon from Baldur’s Gate 2 instead! Now that was a proper dragon battle.

Adriane’s fight is kinda boring in comparison. The shadow dragon casts Fear on Drake, but Adriane casts Summon Stormbringer to dispel the dragon’s spell. She then turns to mist and grabs the Power Crystal from the shadow dragon, killing it. Unfortunately, Adriane can’t return to her human form, nobody else in the party can see her, and the Power Crystal is lodged in her chest, so she’s like a wannabe magical Tony Stark.

Adriane remembers that the mistwolves nearly died because the Dark Sorceress trapped them in mist form. Dreamer suggests going to Packhome to cure Adriane, so the two decide to run on the Spirit Trail. As for Drake, he decides to go with Gwyx to his home. However, he now seems to think that dragons rule, and humans suck….

Power Crystal Count: 6 of 9 8

Next time: Someone finally finds those missing unicorns.


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