Fandom Friday — 1 February 2013

I’m trying something new here at the Archive: on Friday, I’m going to post links to any Avalon-related fanart, fanfiction, and fanvids that were uploaded over the past week. If this gets popular, I might make this a regular feature.

Remember, all works belong to those who created them! I’m just posting links.



Video and Other Media

Sorry, no videos, cosplay, or other media found this week!

If there’s a piece of fan-work you’d like to see featured on Fandom Friday, please mention it in the comments. If you own any of the works I linked to above and want the links removed, you can say so in the comments. I’d also appreciate any input regarding where to find more fan-works, and any improvements I should make.



    1. That was kind of the point of these fandom posts — I wanted to expose fans to fan works and hopefully get this fandom jump-started before news about the movie and Shadow Warrior come out ^_^

      Love to see your story once you have it posted!

  1. Oh, wow. Thank’s for linking to my fic. I’m not really sure how to feel, slightly embarrassed, maybe? Hahaha. I’ve never really thought of people reading my fics, mostly just doing them as writing exercises. Anyway, thanks for linking!

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