Dark Mage, Chapter 15: The Wishing Jewel

Last time on Dark Mage, the Dark Sorceress spied on Kara, discussed past matters with Henry Gardener, and released some shadow creatures so they could suck Gardener’s magic. What is Kara up to? And why does it interest the Sorceress? Find out after the cut.

Kara finally enters the jeweler’s shop she wished for earlier and meets the proprietor, a goblin named Goblin Feldman. Feldman tries to sell Kara a fake Unicorn Jewel, but he’s stopped when Kara shows off the real thing.

Tweek then contacts Kara, and is about to give her Emily’s quest status when he suddenly notices that Kara possesses a Power Crystal. Adriane then joins the conversation; she’s worried because she can’t reach Emily, and she’s shocked that Kara possesses a Power Crystal. Kara tells everyone that she’s at the Shopping Realm, which puzzles Tweek and pisses off Adriane. Kara gets pissed at everyone because they’re pissed at her, so she wishes that everyone would leave her the hell alone. Thanks to Kara’s new Power Crystal, Kara is disconnected from the three-way call, but she can’t contact them again.

Lyra reminds Kara that they have to take the Power Crystal to the Garden, since that’s what the party planned originally. However, Kara wants to learn more about Power Crystals and how to make them, so she asks Feldman to appraise the Power Crystal she has. This ends up being Feldman asking Kara for a recap of her adventure so far, followed by asking her if she’s hungry. Kara is hungry, so she wishes for a milkshake. And poof! A milkshake appears.

So it turns out that Kara’s Power Crystal is a wishing crystal: it grants whatever wishes its user makes, as long as it doesn’t deplete its magic. Which means that Kara can’t wish for a new Power Crystal. There’s also some other properties of the crystal that Feldman mentions, but Kara’s too busy wishing for random crap to listen to him.

Anyway, after Kara finally stops wishing for stuff, Feldman explains that Kara has to make a new Power Crystal from scratch. However, Kara needs to learn alchemy and buy supplies from someone whose name Feldman won’t disclose. After Kara threatens to reveal to the entire universe that Feldman is selling fake Unicorn Jewels, Feldman finally reveals the magic ingredient supplier’s name: Logan. Logan is Wolverine a practitioner of the dark arts, he hangs out at the Black Rose nightclub, and he’s generally bad news. Just take Feldman’s word for it:

“I’d go [to Logan’s with you], but I hate any slight inconveniences — like death.”

Despite the obvious threat of death, Kara decides to pay Logan a visit before going to the Garden to drop off her Power Crystal….

Obvious Jewel Riders References:
In one episode, Gwen/Starla and Drake found parts of a wishing jewel that only partially granted their wishes.

Next time: The series proves once again that Humans Are Stupid.


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