Dark Mage, Chapter 13: Nice Job Fixing It, Heroine

Last time on Dark Mage, Adriane’s party recruited a new party member: Gwyx, a human-hating dragon. Will Gwyx be a welcome addition to the party? Will Adriane ever learn to pronounce Gwyx’s real name? Find out after the cut.

Today we return to Emily’s scenario, in which her party is escorted by the kobolds to … a verdant glade. Normally, this would be a Good Idea, but the kobolds aren’t big fans of the bright light and warm weather. Emily uses her scientific knowledge (gasp!) to reason that the kobolds aren’t built for the glade’s environment. So she casts Aura Sight and discovers that the magic of all the flora in the region is suffering from a magic sickness similar to the one that affected the aquatic creatures of Aldenmor in Heart of Avalon.

Emily tells the party that some serious reality warping has been going down in the glade. Lorren theorizes that it must have been caused by a Power Crystal. The kobolds want Emily to reverse the reality warping, but Ozzie doesn’t want her to because it may be too dangerous. Of course, Emily wants to save everyone, so she uses her new magic weaving powers to unravel the bad magic from the plants. Initially, this seems to be a Good Idea, because the surrounding flowers turn into spiky buds. Emily’s further efforts to unravel the magic soon reveals that the kobolds’ home is actually a dark, murky bog.

Ozzie tries to slow Emily down, but Emily keeps unraveling the magic until she finds the source of the reality warping: a Power Crystal on the Magic Web. Emily tries to reach the crystal, but soon discovers that she can’t because the kobolds’ world isn’t connected to the Web. You observant readers may recall that there’s only one world that’s explicitly mentioned to not be connected to the Web: the Otherworlds. Of course, Emily probably didn’t read the in-book encyclopedia, so she casts Power Leech so she can connect the kobolds’ world to the Magic Web and obtain the Power Crystal. Emily gets some dark magic when she casts Power Leech, but she doesn’t give a shit because she’s trying to save the kobolds.

Anyway, Emily reconnects the kobolds’ world to the Magic Web, and the kobolds rejoice. Tweek then contacts the party and informs them that the Magic Web is in chaos because of what Emily did. Emily finally takes a good look at her surroundings and discovers the black monoliths from her Trippy Dream Sequence in Song of the Unicorns. And then the kobolds tell her that she’s in the Otherworlds, and Tweek tells her that she and her party are in the middle of the Spider Witch’s web. Emily thinks that she can undo everything she did by doing even more reality warping, but she starts Detecting Evil.

And guess what: shadow creatures attack the party! These are “shadow cats”, which are shadowy saber-toothed tigers, not an army of evil Kitty Pryde clones. (Though I was secretly hoping for the latter.) The kobolds run away, and Emily’s party does the same after attempting to fight them off. Turns out that fighting shadow cats isn’t a Good Idea, because Lorren’s attacks aren’t very effective, and shadow creatures have a bad habit of eating magic.

Luckily, Ozzie finally shows that he’s a useful party member! He gets Fiona the dragonfly to locate a portal, and uses Amplify Voice while imitating a manticore’s roar in order to throw off the shadow cats. Emily finally finds a portal, but it’s hanging in midair off a cliff edge. She tries to jump into the portal, but comes up short, falls, and hurts her ankle. Meanwhile, Lorren and Ozzie are preoccupied fighting off shadow cats on the cliff above.

Emily then calls for help, and is answered by a purple creature that spirits her away….

Status Update!
Emily learns: Reality Revision!

Next time: Good times with the Original Party.

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