Dark Mage, Chapter 12: How to Recruit a Dragon

Last time on Dark Mage, Kara went shopping and found a jewelry shop that may hold answers about the Power Crystal she just found. Will Kara find great deals on new equipment for the party? Will she ever remember to search for those missing unicorns? And when did Goldie grow hair? Find out after the cut.

Today we return to Adriane’s scenario, in which the party is confronted by a giant black dragon. Adriane thinks that the dragon is the smoke monster from Lost that attacked earlier, so she asks the dragon why he attacked. The good news: the dragon isn’t the smoke monster. The bad news: the dragon hates humans, and will only speak to Drake.

Turns out that the dragon is a native of Dragon Home, and is shocked that Drake bonded with a human. He initially thought that Drake brought Adriane along as a snack. The dragon is also on a quest to defeat the “shadow dragon”, which is the smoke monster from earlier. This shadow dragon is a shadow creature, like those Adriane and the party fought all the way back in Ghost Wolf.

Adriane (through Drake) tells the dragon that she’s also after the shadow dragon, since it has something she wants (the Power Crystal). The dragon blames Adriane for making him lose track of the shadow dragon, since the shadow dragon disappeared after attacking Adriane’s party. Drake calls the dragon a coward, which pisses him off. Adriane manages to end the fight by firing a Magic Missile at the dragon.

Now with everyone calmed down, the dragon finally introduces himself to the party. His name — until he kills the shadow dragon — is Gwylrrtrwrx (translation: “Runs-with-Tail”), which is nigh unpronounceable for everyone in the party who isn’t Drake. Adriane opts to just call him Gwyx, which makes things easier for me because I don’t want to have to remember how to spell “Gwylrrtrwrx”. Gwyx knows how to kill the shadow dragon, but asks Drake for his input. Drake thinks that the shadow dragon will weaken if they manage to take the Power Crystal from it.

Adriane then calls a party meeting so they can discuss their next move. Dreamer reveals that he can easily track Gwyx, but he can’t track the shadow dragon. So it looks like teaming up with Gwyx is the best way to retrieve the Power Crystal, even though nobody in the party trusts him. Adriane makes Drake the party leader, and allows him to let Gwyx join the party….

Status Update!
Gwyx joins the party! (Known spell: Fireball)

Next time: Emily becomes the Scarlet Witch.


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