Dark Mage, Chapter 11: Mall Madness

Last time on Dark Mage, Ozzie finally reveals his backstory, and Emily decides to help the kobolds save their world. Did the kobolds actually lead Emily’s party into a trap? Are they really the heartless ursine killers I’ve made them out to be? And where the hell did Kara run off to? Find out after the cut.

And we return to Kara’s scenario, in which Kara’s party suddenly finds themselves in a shopping mall. A bunch of shop-owners emerge from their stores and inform Kara that she’s in the Fashion Realm, the best mall in the known universe. Oh, and all the shopkeepers are at Kara’s command!

You know how, in some RPGs, there’s this one hidden shop that has the best weapons and equipment for every party member, and you usually can’t reach it unless a) you’re near the end of the game, or b) you fulfill some insane requirements? Well, the Fashion Realm is the Avalon universe’s equivalent. Except Kara’s not going to find the best settings for everyone’s Sparkly Rocks, or spiffy sets of jewel armor, or maybe a nice new sword for Zach.

Instead, Kara uses her new Power Crystal to wish for a salon so she can get her party washed up, styled, and manicured. Which I guess is a good idea, seeing as how Kara and company are covered with spider webs from the last battle. However, after a lengthy beautification session, Kara goes on a shopping spree and finds all the best pimped-out outfits ever! And there just happens to be a 99% off sale at all the stores, and the discount only applies to Blazing Star-type mages! So of course Kara kinda goes crazy with the shopping.

Lyra spends the entire shopping spree trying to snap Kara out of her shopping binge. It turns out that all the shopkeepers cast a spell on Kara that makes her a compulsive buyer. After much urging from both Lyra and Goldie, Kara finally comes to her senses.

Lyra thinks that there’s something suspicious about the Power Crystal Kara found. So Kara wishes she knew more about the Power Crystal … and she suddenly notices a jewelry store! Kara deduces that jewelers must know about Power Crystals, so she heads inside….

Kinda Important Stuff I Didn’t Mention Above:
Apparently Goldie has a cowlick. So … the dragonflies have hair? Also, a choice quote from the chapter: “Grrrrr!” Lyra grrrred.

Next time: Adriane’s party gains a new member.


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