Dark Mage, Chapter 10: Ozzie’s Lament

Last time on Dark Mage, Kara found a Power Crystal and got attacked by a swarm of spiders. Pissed off at her situation, Kara wishes she was someplace awesome, and suddenly disappears! Where did Kara vanish to? Where did the missing unicorns go? Find out after the cut.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to learn more about Kara’s scenario. Instead we meet up with Emily’s party in the Elf Kingdom of the Fairy Realms, traveling ever closer to a Power Crystal’s location.

During this trip, Emily and Lorren finally discuss Olfert the mole-man’s warnings about Avalon. Lorren tells Emily that Olfert is your typical doomsayer. Emily tells Lorren that the Dark Sorceress once attempted the same quest as the current party, so maybe there is some truth to Olfert’s message. Lorren tells Emily that because there’s so many conflicting accounts about what’s in Avalon, the party has to retrieve all the Power Crystals and open the Gates of Avalon to figure out what’s really inside. Lorren then decides to ask Ozzie if the Fairimentals told him anything about Avalon, but Ozzie says that the Fairimentals only told him to find the party.

Emily then comes to a realization: nobody in the party has ever considered what Ozzie sacrificed in order to join the party, and nobody knows what Ozzie really looks like. Granted, Emily has seen a few elves before and can probably conclude that Ozzie looks like a hobbit, but she’s still never seen Ozzie in his elf form.

And then we get a little infodump on elf history. It turns out that elves used to live in the Fairy Realms and use magic, but they moved to Aldenmor to become hobbit wannabes live more agrarian lifestyles.

Ozzie then complains that his spells suck. Which is true: his spells really do suck. As of this point in the series, Ozzie knows Amplify Voice, Dispel Goblin Net (which he seems to have forgotten), Gust of Wind (which he’s only used once), and maybe Magic Missile.

Emily and Lorren attempt to cheer Ozzie up. Emily tells Ozzie that the Fairimentals must have chosen him to find the party for a reason, while Lorren asks Ozzie about his life before meeting the party. Ozzie reveals that he left his girlfriend, Esmerelda, behind in Farthingdale when he joined the party. He also grew up thinking that there was more to life than moisture rutabaga farming. And then he wonders why he’s still a party member if he already carried out the Fairimentals’ orders. Emily assures Ozzie that a) his task isn’t complete yet, since the Fairimentals equipped him with a Ferret Stone, and b) he’s her bestest friend ever.

Tweek then contacts the party and informs them that he detects a Power Crystal near their location. He can’t tell them much more than that, since Tasha is checking on the refugees. Tweek then reveals Kara’s quest status: Kara is missing because she used an untraceable portal, and she still hasn’t found the unicorns.

After Tweek cuts communications, the party reaches the mists at the edge of the Fairy Realms. Emily detects magic, so she casts Aura Sight. We then get a little recap of all the new spells Emily learned after leveling up, just in case you forgot how Emily learned Aura Sight in the first place. However, we do learn about a new ability: the Rainbow Jewel can now store aura signatures it has previously detected.

Anyway, Emily detects bears kobolds again. Their leader, who just happens to be the one Emily mind-raped earlier, presents a peace offering to the party. Unfortunately, the peace offering is a box full of spiders. Emily casts Charm on the spiders, freezing them. And apparently Emily chose wisely, because freezing the spiders proved that Emily can weave magic. Emily then realizes that the kobolds think she’s the Spider Witch, since all healer mages (so far) can weave magic.

The kobolds tell Emily that magic has destroyed their home, and they need her to fix things. Ozzie isn’t keen on aiding the kobolds, but Lorren reminds Ozzie that Power Crytals tend to screw up magic wherever they are. So Emily mind-rapes the kobolds into not harming the party, and the kobolds lead the party into a portal beyond the mists….

Next time: Kara goes shopping.

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