Dark Mage, Chapter 3: Magical Green Thumbs

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily and Rae learned that Stephen Colbert was right: bears really are soulless creatures that want to eat seventh (eighth?) grade girls. Thankfully, Emily’s new mind-raping powers stopped the bear threat from escalating … for now. Will more sentient bear monsters invade Earth? Will Rae ever remember that she was almost eaten by a bear? Will Adriane have to fight an army of bears on her own? Find out after the cut.

While Kara is out shopping and Emily is mind-raping sentient bears, Adriane is patrolling Ravenswood in Dreamer’s body. It turns out that after Adriane leveled up, she got an improved version of the spell that allowed her to see through Stormbringer’s eyes. Now Adriane doesn’t just see through Dreamer’s eyes, she merges with Dreamer. However, Adriane risks losing herself when casting this spell, so Lyra’s always supervising her, just in case.

After running through Ravenswood and checking up on everything, Adriane returns to herself. Like the rest of the party, Adriane has her own concerns about the future. Mainly, she’s worried about Ravenswood gaining landmark status. A landmark commission officer is visiting the preserve soon, so Adriane needs to get the place properly landscaped. So of course, Adriane does the practical thing and decides to do some magical beautification. Not that she has much to do: now that Stormbringer is the guardian spirit of Ravenswood, the preserve is more aesthetically pleasing, espeically all of Stormbringer’s favorite places.

Adriane isn’t alone in her endeavor, though: the refugees want to learn how to protect Ravenswood good and do other things good, too. So she tells the refugees that the forest will teach them magic. And by “teach them magic”, I mean “teach them how to cast Plant Growth”.

Adriane leads the refugees to a rest area by a lake, where she decides to grow some flowers and a tree arch. Before casting spells, though, the refugees take some food out of a feeding bin. Ozzie apparently leaves treats for the refugees in the bins, and by “treats” I mean “gumballs”. Ugh, I highly doubt that would be good for the animals.

Anyway, Adriane helps the refugees grow some flowers, and they get started on the tree arch. Unfortunately, Kara interrupts her and cryptically says that “it’s time”. Hopefully she means “time to finish this stupid quest” and not “time to shop for pimped-out outfits”.

Status Update!
Adriane learned: Plant Growth!

Next time: Emily learns more about the imminent bear invasion.


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