The Warlock Diaries, Part 3: Team Magic, Let’s Ride!

Last time on The Warlock Diaries, Crumble used a love potion to make two-thirds of the party and most of the Ravenswood refugees fall in love with Donovan. But that was all a distraction: while everyone is trying to make googly-eyes with Donovan, Crumble captures the refugees and the party’s bonded animals, turns Tweek into a minion, and creates a portal path to Avalon! Will the party ever get their refugees and bonded animals back? Will Donovan figure out how to cast mage spells? Will Kara ever trust Donovan again? Find out after the cut.

Section 1: Kara Recaps the Story So Far
The party decides to multitask during the recap this time. While Adriane and Emily are powering the party’s Magic Web-traveling bubble, Kara recaps the story from her perspective. Basically, she’s totally depressed that Donovan betrayed the party, stole the refugees and the party’s bonded animals, and ran off to find Avalon. Luckily, Emily can still sense the refugees’ magic (man, Aura Sight comes in really handy in this story), so Kara amplifies the party’s bubble to make it go faster.

Section 2: Boggle Bog
The party lands in Boggle Bog, which is on Aldenmor. We know this because a) Ozzie tells the party so, and b) there’s some lizard-like creatures in tuxedos singing “Boggle Bog” over and over again. Hey, at least the place has it’s own theme song. The party can’t sense the refugees or their bonded animals, so obviously Donovan’s party has already moved on to the next portal.

Unfortunately, the party can’t open portals on their own; they need Tweek to calibrate portals for them. Conveniently, Tweek (who has recovered from the warlock minion spell) rejoins the party. He reveals that the refugees and bonded animals are being turned into minions, and that Donovan’s party has to use each portal on the path to Avalon individually because Kara kinda blew it up. Thankfully, Tweek saved a backup copy of the combined map with the portal path on his HORARFF, so the party can easily catch up with Donovan’s party at the next location, which is “uncharted”.

Before the party creates a portal, Kara decides to conjure up new clothes for the entire party, since they can’t ruin their nice party dresses. It’s not quite Jewel Armor (honestly, it’s just the girls’ street clothes), but it’s the closest thing you’ll get in this entire series. And it’s the only time Kara ever casts this spell, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The party then opens a portal, and they head off to destinations unknown. On the way, Tweek name-drops Musso and Sparky’s cheese shop. Wow, we haven’t heard from them in a long time.

Section 3: Donovan’s Party at Destinations Unknown Dragon Home
Meanwhile, Donovan’s party are already at the “uncharted” location, and they have no idea where they are. Crumble is especially pissed at Donovan because they now have to take each portal individually to Avalon. He demands more magic from the refugees to create a portal, but the animals refuse. Instead, they’re all like, “Why did you betray us, Donovan? We thought you liked us!”

Suddenly, dragons show up and get all pissed at Donovan’s party because they’re trespassing in Dragon Home, a dragon-only realm. Luckily for Donovan’s party, they manage to get a portal open and leave before the dragons toast them. The dragons vow to toast the next set of intruders….

Section 4: The Party at Dragon Home
Unfortunately, that next set of intruders is our heroes! The girls all start sensing danger, and rightfully so: those same dragons from before nearly toast Ozzie!

Luckily, Adriane tells the dragons that she’s bonded with Drake, and Kara summons her dragonflies. The dragons initially believe that a) no dragon would ever bond with a mage, and b) dragonflies aren’t dragons. After some brief discussion with Goldie, though, the dragons realize that dragonflies are dragons — they’re just a different species. Now that their differences are settled, the dragons tell the party that Donovan’s party jumped through a portal recently. Tweek helps the party open the next portal, and they jump in.

Section 5: Road Rash
The party senses the refugees somewhere up ahead on the portal path, so they accelerate their bubble to catch up with them. Emily senses that Lyra and Dreamer are already Crumble’s minions, and the refugees are almost completely affected by the minion spell.

Meanwhile, Donovan tells Crumble that he’ll never get away with kidnapping the refugees. The party catches up with them at this point, and the two groups ram their bubbles into one another. As they rush towards a nexus, Crumble throws a spell vial at the party, sending them through the wrong portal!

Section 6: Be*Fuddled
The party lands in the Fairy Realms — we only know this because Kara thinks she hears Be*Tween performing nearby. The party tries to open a portal, but they can’t seem to cast spells anymore. Turns out that the spell vial Crumble used was a “locking enchantment”: it prevents mages from casting spells. However, it only wards against mage magic; the party can still use other types of spells to open a portal. And since Be*Tween is nearby, maybe they can help the party.

Unfortunately, Kara didn’t hear Be*Tween. Instead, it’s Be*Fuddled, a Be*Tween cover band! And they’re craptacular: they barely make enough magic to “boil a turnip”, as Tweek puts it.

The party despairs because they don’t think they can ever catch up to Donovan and save the refugees. However, Adriane gets an idea: they could travel to Packhome and, with the mistwolves’ help, run the Spirit Trail to a point ahead of Donovan’s party’s location so they can block their progress. The party thinks this is an excellent idea, so they take Be*Fuddled’s instruments and perform a cover of “Golden”, a brand-new Be*Tween song that isn’t half bad:

The song creates enough magic for the party to create a portal and jump away to their next location.

Section 7: Packhome
The party arrives at Packhome, where the mistwolf pack greets them. Moonshadow and Dawnrunner are worried about Dreamer, especially after Adriane recaps the story so far to them. Moonshadow tells the party that running the Spirit Trail is very dangerous, especially for Kara and Emily since they can’t turn to mist. However, the mistwolves agree to cast Circle of Protection on the party so they can safely travel on the Spirit Trail.

So Adriane and the mistwolves summon the Spirit Pack. Once they arrive, the Spirit Pack allows the party to run with them to their next destination.

Section 8: Well, This Looks Bad
Meanwhile, Donovan’s party is stuck on some unnamed world because the refugees refuse to give Crumble more magic. So Crumble uses his minion potion on Donovan, turning him into his minion. Donovan orders the refugees to give Crumble magic, and Crumble opens the portal….

Section 9: It’s the Final Showdown!
…Only to run into our heroes!

Donovan tries to explain his situation to the party, but Kara won’t have any of it. Meanwhile, Adriane finds Dreamer among the refugees and gets really pissed off. I guess you know what that means:

Boss: Crumble
A warlock minion on a power trip.
Attacks: Magic Missile, Enlarge Person, Power Leech

Adriane attempts to attack Crumble, but Crumble explains that any damage done to him will also harm the refugees. And the party doesn’t want that. So the party instead asks Donovan to release the refugees … but he can’t do anything because of the minion spell.

Crumble orders the refugees to attack the party. The refugees fire an Improved Magic Missile, so Adriane casts Shield on the party. Crumble then takes a page out of Rita Repulsa’s book and makes himself grow! The party fires an Improved Magic Missile at him, but Crumble just absorbs it.

Donovan finally offers to help the party with the boss battle, since he and the refugees will become Crumble’s minions if Crumble reaches Avalon. Emily proves Donovan’s story by casting Aura Sight and discovering that Donovan has traces of a minion’s aura. Donovan suggests combining warlock and mage magic with a human-animal construct. The party will use their combined powers to distract Crumble while they free the refugees. Unfortunately, the only such construct the party has access to is Ozzie, since he’s an elf in a ferret’s body.

The entire party casts Enlarge Person on Ozzie, making him the perfect size to challenge Crumble one-on-one. While Ozzie beats the crap out of Crumble, Emily casts Dispel on Dreamer and Lyra, releasing them from the minion spell. Donovan knew this would somehow work because the bond between mage and bonded animal is stronger than the minion spell.

Crumble catches wind of what the party’s doing and casts Power Leech on Donovan, causing the final portal to Avalon to open. Donovan insists that the party stay behind to free the rest of the refugees instead of chasing after Crumble. Meanwhile, Ozzie fires a few Magic Missiles at Crumble, and reverts back to his original size.

The party decides to let Crumble run off while they all cast Dispel on the refugees. After freeing the animals, the party discovers that Donovan’s magic has been drained, so they try to cast Heal on him. Unfortunately, Heal isn’t very effective on warlocks — they need a minion’s magic in order for it to work. Luckily, Frizzle zaps Donovan with some magic, healing him.

Now fully healed, the party jumps into the final portal, ready to enter the Very Definitely Final Dungeon and beat the game — I mean, finish the series….

Section 10: Aww, We Got Gypped!
So the party and Crumble arrive in Avalon … except Crumble realizes that Avalon looks very familiar. Donovan’s father’s presence probably should’ve tipped him off.

Donovan’s father — who suspiciously looks like Doctor Strange — is very pissed that Donovan ran off with the warlock map and brought outsiders to the warlock realm. He explains that the warlock map was designed to send its users back to the warlock realm after completing the portal path to Avalon. It also turns out that Avalon moves around the Magic Web, so the portal sequence the party used no longer leads there. Apparently this is why no warlock ever attempted to reach Avalon.

The good news is, Donovan has proved that warlocks and mages can work together, Donovan is now bonded with Frizzle, and the party now has a complete map of the Magic Web. Donovan’s father orders Crumble to analyze the new map with Tweek. Unfortunately for Crumble, he’s stuck listening to one of Tweek’s lectures on “subatomic particle recompositon”.

Section 11: The Requisite Dance Party Ending
The party and Donovan make it back to Ravenswood, where the Catty Girls tell them all about the fireworks show they missed. They don’t stay for long because the band’s started playing again — at last revealing that there’s a band playing crappy music instead of a DJ.

After the Catty Girls leave, Donovan finally tells Kara that the entire party was under a love spell earlier. Kara admits that she wasn’t affected by the spell, but she still has feelings for him. Donovan’s very confused by how emotional human girls can get — but hey, he has a bonded animal, so he’s happy. Emily casts Aura Sight and discovers that Donovan’s bond with Frizzle is being replaced with their normal warlock aura, so they’re not going to be bonded for much longer.

So Kara kisses Donovan … and voila! Donovan is now permanently bonded with Frizzle! And I guess this makes him a warlock-mage or something. Anyway, the party comments on how Donovan’s bond with Frizzle is stronger than ever, and that this totally proves that warlocks and mages can work together.

But the party did learn something today: friendship makes the strongest magic of all. Now prepare for that lesson to be totally forgotten during the party’s next outing….

Status Update!
Kara learns: Create Clothing!
Crumble learns: Spell Lock and Enlarge Person!
The party learns: Enlarge Person!
Donovan is now a Warlock-Mage!
Donovan bonds with: Frizzle!

Next time: first impressions on the next book, Dark Mage.


One comment

  1. So this was a fun story. A few observations:

    1) It’s funny how the dragons initially talk in broken sentences and then suddenly have an intellectual discussion.

    2) “We’re in the book” sounds like an outdated phrase.

    3) I just noticed Kara’s hair is styled to look like cat ears – perfect for the leader of the Catty Girls and a person whose bonded is a cat! It’s cute.

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