The Warlock Diaries, Part 2: Hey, Check the Party Out, They’re Dancing!

Last time on The Warlock Diaries, the party met Donovan, a warlock who wants to learn mage magic and find Avalon. Unfortunately for our heroines, mage and warlock magic don’t mix, and Donovan’s dad has been sending monsters to Ravenswood to retrieve his son. And by monsters, I mean a group of bulwoggles. Will the party figure out how to do combination attacks with Donovan? Will Donovan dance with Kara at the benefit dance? Will we learn how horses can make sandwiches? Find out after the cut.

Section 1: Ozzie Kara Recaps the Story So Far
I kinda went over this before the cut, but whatever, I’ll repeat myself because I can. The party has just met a warlock named Donovan and his two minions, Frizzle and Crumble. Donovan possesses a warlock map of the Magic Web, but he can’t combine it with the party’s map because warlock and mage magic don’t mix. However, if the party figures out a way to work together, they might be able to combine the maps and find Avalon. And Kara thinks that the best way to work together is to invite Donovan to the benefit dance, since she’s totally attracted to him. (But wait … I thought Lorren was Kara’s designated love interest?)

Section 2: Random Battle Time!
So yeah … last time we left the party, they were surrounded by bulwoggles. These bulwoggles are more of Donovan’s dad’s minions, who were sent to retrieve Donovan and the warlock map. Donovan obviously doesn’t want to go with the bulwoggles, so the party decides to help him defeat them. Tweek is kind enough to provide commentary for the battle.

First, Adriane casts Create Lasso (which Tweek calls “her lasso of wolf fire”, so I guess it has a name now), and Donovan casts the Warlock Spell of Binding … but it makes Adriane’s spell backfire on her. Frizzle then throws a cream pie at the bulwoggles (I don’t know where he got the pie, but whatever), and blames the attack on Ozzie. Kara then tries amplifying one of Donovan’s goblin nets, but it makes the net target the refugees instead of the bulwoggles. Then Emily casts Modify Memory on the bulwoggles and makes them leave Ravenswood. This works … at least, until Donovan throws another goblin net at them.

Now the bulwoggles are pissed. They attack Donovan, but Wally (one of the griffins) jumps in front of Donovan and shields him. Donovan throws another goblin net, this time amplified by the refugees’ magic, and successfully captures the bulwoggles. The party then opens the Ravenswood portal, and Tweek calibrates the portal so it leads to the Otherworlds instead of the elf village of Dumble Downs. (Remember, you can open portals to the Otherworlds, but not from there. That’s a major plot point we’ll get to in Dark Mage.) Donovan throws the bulwoggles through the portal, and voila! Enemies defeated.

Section 3: Post-Battle Stuff
After the battle, the party heals Wally the griffin. This impresses Donovan so much that he wants to learn how to cast Heal, too. Emily decides that now is a great time to explain mage character classes: basically, Healer-type mages are the only ones who can cast Heal, and Donovan won’t know what character class he is until he figures it out himself. Meanwhile, Tweek teaches Crumble how to open the Ravenswood portal with the refugees’ magic. (Hmm, this probably explains why the refugees didn’t immediately return to Aldenmor after the party cleaned up all the magical nuclear waste there.) Ozzie finds this highly suspicious because nobody finds Tweek interesting.

Suddenly, the refugees tell Ozzie that Elmo (the pegasus that was turned into a minion in Part 1) is missing! Dreamer and Lyra decide to search for him.

Afterwards, the party realizes that they have some serious trust issues with Donovan. Kara thinks the party can work with Donovan, but Adriane doesn’t trust him, and Emily finds something odd with Donovan’s bond with Crumble. (But I thought Emily couldn’t use Aura Sight on Donovan?) Donovan leaves, promising to meet Kara at the benefit dance. Once he leaves, Adriane orders Tweek to inspect the Protection from Evil dreamcatcher.

Section 4: Donovan and Crumble Chat for a While
Donovan and Crumble are very glad that they came to Ravenswood, but for different reasons. Donovan thinks that he and Kara make a perfect team, and that he can learn other types of magic. Crumble, however, is happy to discover that the Ravenswood refugees have tons of magic. He thinks that if Donovan works with the party, their power will destroy Avalon. And only a cold, logical warlock like himself Donovan can truly harness Avalon’s magic.

Section 5: Finding Elmo
Meanwhile, Dreamer and Lyra are tracking Elmo’s magic, but all they find are a) lots of litter, and b) something very strange about Elmo’s magic. Elmo now has the same magic signature as a warlock’s minion….

Section 6: Abusing Power
Meanwhile, Frizzle orders Elmo to bring him precious artifacts … namely, a copy of High School Musical. (Ugh. I’ve never understood the appeal of that movie.) Crumble and Frizzle discuss the possibility of using their minion potion on Tweek and the party. Apparently, the potion can turn mages into minions….

Section 7: The Dance
At last, it’s time for the benefit dance! Complete with crappy music!

Party till the owl freaks
Shake your feathers, tails, and beaks
Wave your paws, wave your wings
C’mon, let me hear you sing:

Everyone say hoot, hoot
Everyone say GRRROWL
Everyone say quack, quack!
Ladies step forward
Ferrets fall back

Argh, I’d rather hear some normal party anthem instead of that. Who’s DJ’ing this dance, Ozzie?

Anyway, the Catty Girls and Cool Dudes and other students from Stonehill Middle School show up for the dance and buy tickets from the party. Adam, one of the Cool Dudes, starts to come on to Emily, but Ozzie herds him away before anything really happens. Ozzie also tries to keep the refugees away from the dance, with some success. It’s still a miracle that none of the non-party members don’t notice them.

The party thinks the benefit dance is going swimmingly, but then Donovan shows up … and he doesn’t seem like his normal self. You would think that the wolf foot Donovan is sporting would tip the girls off, but no, it doesn’t. And they don’t think it’s odd that Donovan is demanding magic from the party in front of all the normal humans. Nope: instead, the party just tells Donovan to shut up with all the magic talk.

Suddenly, from his little hiding place near the party, Crumble throws a spell vial at the party! Adriane and Emily are hit by it, and immediately fall in love with Donovan. Kara isn’t affected by it because she’s looking at her compact mirror. Instead, the spell bounces off the mirror and hits some of the refugees.

Donovan then runs off, rejoins Crumble … and turns back into Frizzle. Crumble tells Frizzle to now focus his efforts on Tweek. Hmm, seems like they have some sort of plan that the party is totally unaware of.

Eventually, the real Donovan arrives at the dance. And, as you may have expected, Emily, Adriane, and the refugees come on to him. Kara manages to run off with Donovan and tells everyone else to go get dates of their own.

Section 8: Well, We Kinda Expected That, Actually
Meanwhile, Tweek and the dragonflies are repairing the Protection from Evil dreamcatcher when they discover that someone broke through it. And that someone was Crumble. So, yeah … he’s definitely evil.

Section 9: It’s a Trap!
Meanwhile, Lyra and Dreamer are still tracking Elmo. Hmm, you would think they would’ve found him by now. Ravenswood isn’t a big place, and they’ve spent an entire day searching for him. Anyway, they finally sense Elmo, so they chase after him. But it ends up being a trap instead! Crumble catches them in a goblin net. And no, Dreamer can’t turn to mist and escape — remember, goblin nets prevent mistwolves from shifting into their mist forms.

But this is only the beginning of Crumble’s dastardly plan! Crumble orders Frizzle to invite all the refugees to a “party” in the portal field. And since Crumble now knows that the refugees are key to opening the portal, we can guess what he’s planning….

Section 10: Love Struck
It looks like someone decided to remix the Jewel Riders end theme, because the DJ starts playing something similar to it:

We’ll be using the magic of friends
While we’re building the circle again
And when all else is gone
You and I will go on till the end of time

Kara asks Donovan about warlock mating rituals, which turn out to be rather dull. Apparently female warlocks are quite unromantic: they treat finding boyfriends like selecting minions. Kara is unimpressed by this, and finds a way out of the conversation by running off to talk with the Town Council (wow, we haven’t seen them in forever). Unfortunately, this leaves Donovan available for the refugees to glomp him!

That doesn’t last for very long, however. Emily shows up, casts Modify Memory, and entices Donovan to dance with her. Of course, we all know that warlock and mage magic don’t mix, so Emily’s spell has the unintended effect of causing a tree branch to fall nearby. Donovan runs off, but Adriane shows up, casts Wolf Fire Lasso, and spins him around on the dance floor. Donovan is then glomped by the refugees again.

Ozzie notices that something is very wrong with the refugees’ behavior. But not to worry, Dreamer is around to tell Ozzie what’s up! Except, as we already know, this isn’t Dreamer. Ozzie luckily realizes this when he sees Dreamer turn into Lyra. It’s actually a funny image, but I don’t have a scanner, so you’re all out of luck. Anyway, this all leads to a little chase scene where Ozzie runs after Frizzle on the dance floor, and Frizzle disguises himself as chair and other mundane items.

Another odd thing about this scene: you discover that the Ferret Stone isn’t that little gem Ozzie wears on his collar. Nope, instead it’s a fuzzy orb-like jewel! Which is weird, because the books always described it as a jewel Ozzie wears on his collar. And how can a jewel be fuzzy?

Meanwhile, Tweek tries to send a distress message to the party, but Crumble reaches him first and turns him into a minion with that handy-dandy minion potion.

Afterwards, Crumble finds Donovan and asks him how things are going with the party. Donovan has concluded that mages are far too emotional, and thus he can’t work with them. So he decides to help Crumble find Avalon … but first, he has to say goodbye to Kara.

Section 11: The Party Comes to Their Senses
The spell finally wears off of Emily, Adriane, and the refugees. Of course, they don’t actually know this until Emily casts Aura Sight and discovers that there are faint traces of Crumble’s spell in their auras. The refugees then run off because they’re late for a meeting at the portal field. Ozzie then shows up and recaps his little chase from earlier. Now he can’t find any of the refugees. The girls tell him that the refugees went to the portal field … which then elicits an Oh Crap! from them.

Section 12: It’s All About Feeling!
Donovan finds Kara again, and has a very hard time saying goodbye to her. Kara realizes that Donovan just wants the party’s help to open the portals that will lead to Avalon … but she thinks this is a Good Thing. Donovan doesn’t think that he’ll ever understand mage magic, but Kara tells him that he just has to feel it.

Section 13: It Was a Trap All Along!
Meanwhile, at the portal field, Crumble tells the refugees to give him their magic so he can create a fireworks display for the benefit dance. But once he gets the refugees’ magic, Crumble traps them in a Goblin Net! Tweek, now one of Crumble’s minions, combines the party’s map with the warlock map and calibrates the portal so that it leads to Avalon … which suspiciously looks like New Camelot. Adriane, Emily, and Ozzie finally arrive at the portal field, but it’s too late for them to do anything.

Meanwhile, Donovan tells Kara that he’s afraid of destroying Avalon if he joins the party. Kara tells him to place is faith in what he believes in, not the warlock elders. Donovan admits that he believes in Kara, and moves in to kiss her. But this has the unintended effect of destroying Crumble’s magic sphere and blasting the portal to Avalon out of alignment!

Back at the portal field, Tweek is sucked inside the portal, and Emily manages to catch Ozzie before the same happens to him. Crumble tells Donovan (wait, he was at the portal field the entire time?) that he ruined everything by nearly kissing Kara. The party recaps everything that happened to them during the dance to Kara. This really pisses off Kara, because she now believes that Donovan just used the party to find the way to Avalon and turn the refugees into minions.

Donovan tries to prove his innocence by commanding Crumble to stop his plans, but it doesn’t work. It turns out that Crumble is actually Donovan’s dad’s minion, and thus doesn’t have to obey Donovan’s orders! Crumble and Frizzle take the refugees and leave via the portal, and a reluctant Donovan follows them. The party jumps into the portal after them because they gotta get their refugees and bonded animals back.

Status Update!
Adriane’s Create Lasso attack is renamed: Wolf Fire Lasso!
Donovan learns: Binding and Goblin Net!
Frizzle learns: Throw Pie!
Crumble learns: Elixir of Love!

Next time: A long series of portal-hopping.


One comment

  1. I got a used copy, and a previous owner tried coloring in parts of some random panels (mostly pink but also a bit of yellow).

    Kara screws up in her recap. She says Donovan showed up to take her to the dance right before the battle, but later she says the dance is tomorrow night.

    In none of the years that I mentioned in my Part 1 comments was there a full moon anywhere close to Friday, May 11.

    I was expecting Mrs. Windor to show up with the rest of the town council at the dance.

    It’s hilarious that Ozzie acknowledges no one is interested in Tweek.

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