Heart of Avalon, Chapter 17: Hail, Hydra!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 15.)

Every time is a good time for boss time!

Boss: Water Fairimental Hydra
This is what happens when you use a tainted Power Crystal to control a fairimental. Just don’t try to cut a head off. That ain’t a good thing.
Attacks: Consume Magic

So the party decides to start the battle by firing Magic Missiles at the hydra, cutting off two of its heads. Unfortunately, none of the characters have studied Greek mythology, read a comic book, or watched Captain America. I’ll let Red Skull do the explaining:

Sadly, Adriane doesn’t take Red Skull’s advice, and just keeps cutting off more heads with Magic Missiles. This causes the hydra to grow even more heads. As the hydra continues to consume the eggs’ magic, Emily tries to reach Marina, but discovers that the water fairimental has been completely corrupted.

Meanwhile, Lorren runs off to save Tasha from the Sorceress, and Marlin, Ozzie, Cribby, and Emily try to move the eggs out of harm’s way. Kara, Adriane, and Zach cast Shield on the eggs so the hydra can’t attack them. Unfortunately, the hydra decides to attack the shield instead.

So the party decides to focus on the Sorceress instead. Adriane stuns the Sorceress with a few well-placed Magic Missiles, making her drop Tasha’s phone. Dreamer then attacks the Sorceress, and shifts to his mist form to dodge some Magic Missiles. By this time, all the eggs have been moved under the shield.

Emily reasons that she can’t heal the water sickness unless she cures Marina first. Adriane finally realizes that the free Power Crystal she got at the end of the last book was filled with dark magic, which is probably why the Sorceress was able to gain control of Marina. In the original edition, the party even figures out that there may have been something wrong with all the Power Crystals:

“I bet it was tainted.”

“They all could have been tainted,” Ozzie said. “She claims they were her crystals to begin with.”

Emily can’t use the crystal’s power, anyway, because using such strong magic will make the eggs hatch. And we all know what happens when dragon eggs hatch: the dragons will imprint on the first thing they see.

Unfortunately, all the magic from the boss battle is making the eggs hatch anyway. Kara and Adriane want to summon Starfire and Stormbringer, but Emily stops them because the paladins would make all the eggs hatch. However, the party realizes that Zach can control time: he could cast some sort of spell to slow down the Sorceress and the hydra. So Zach casts Slow, but Kara thinks that Slow isn’t good enough, so she grabs Zach’s Dragon Stone and amplifies his spell.

The good news is that Zach cast Time Stop, temporarily freezing the hydra and the Sorceress. The bad news is that the entire party gets pissed at Kara for taking control of Zach’s magic without his permission. And while all this party infighting is going on, Lorren and Tasha suddenly rejoin the party.

Tasha reveals that she crashed downriver after the tutorial trap, and then got mind raped to forget everything that happened between then and entering the caves. Dreamer then shows up to return Tasha’s phone.

And while all that is going on, one of the dragon eggs hatch, and the dragon imprints on Marlin.

Anyway, Emily realizes that she has to weave the magic of all the aquatic creatures on Aldenmor so she can heal Marina. She needs the party’s help, but Kara and Adriane are convinced that their opposing magic frequencies will mess everything up. But not to worry: Tasha has an app for that, and Indi can help the girls balance their magic. So Emily reaches out to every aquatic creature on Aldenmor, weaves their magic together, and uses all that power to cast Empathic Transfer on the hydra. This causes the water sickness to transfer to Emily — but only for an instant, because it suddenly disappears.

And the boss is defeated, and the Sorceress has apparently escaped. Yay!

But of course there are severe consequences for the party’s victory. Indi ended up absorbing the water sickness, which is now consuming him. Emily casts Aura Sight, and discovers that Indi isn’t actually a unicorn. The new edition makes it clear that the water sickness isn’t corrupting Indi’s aura:

At first she thought it was the virus twisting his magic. But when she looked closer, his magical aura didn’t fit the pattern of a unicorn.

Tasha’s phone detects a Power Crystal in the room … and discovers that Indi is the Power Crystal.

And then Indi disintegrates.

Status Update!
Zach learned: Slow and Time Stop!
Emily learned: Empathic Transfer!

Next time: Emily returns to the island.


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