Heart of Avalon, Chapter 14: Cartoon Theme Songs Save the Day

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 12.)

Oh noes! The Fearless Flyer is falling off a waterfall! But not to worry, Adriane, Zach, and Drake are there to catch the ship with their magic and gently set them down in a calmer section of the river.

Emily recaps her adventures, after a brief reunion with Adriane and Zach. Unfortunately, she’s interrupted by Kara and Lorren rejoining the party. After they recap how they found the rest of the party — apparently they tracked Emily’s magic through the surrounding jungle — Emily is finally able to finish recapping her adventure and tell the party that she may know a Power Crystal’s location.

The party doesn’t have much time to find this Power Crystal, though, because they have to return to Earth soon. I find this to be a nice touch, because it means that the girls actually planned out how long they can stay in Aldenmor before their parents or friends discovered they were gone.

Anyway, everyone in the party wants to head for the Crystal Caves except for Lorren, who noticed that Tasha hasn’t rejoined the group. He wants to search for her, which makes Kara jealous. Emily and Marlin explain that the mermaids send them to find the cave so they can heal the water magic. Emily then apologizes for the whole tutorial trap thing, and tells the party that the Power Crystal must be in the Crystal Caves. She then reveals that she met another mage, but she doesn’t really remember who she was. Marlin and Cribby have no idea who Emily is talking about, but we readers totally do. Emily also tells the party what she learned about the Original Party. Here’s how it goes in the original edition:

“She said the magic we released to save Aldenmor didn’t come from Avalon…”

“How would she know?” Adriane asked.

Emily shrugged. “She said it was her magic.”

In the new edition:

“She and her friends tried to open the Gates of Avalon.”

“There were other mages before us?” Adriane asked.

Emily shrugged. “She said the power crystals were hers.”

Eventually, the party decides to find the caves. This turns out to be really easy, because sunlight reflects off of Kara’s Unicorn Jewel onto the waterfall in just the right way, making the waterfall shine with rainbow colors. The party realizes that they just found the Rainbow Veil. Unfortunately, the waterfall is so strong that it will undoubtedly crush the Fearless Flyer if it passes through. Emily remembers the hint that the mermaids told her, and instructs Adriane to reflect the moonlight onto the waterfall. This reveals a hidden door. Emily parts their magic, creating an opening in the waterfall big enough for the ship to sail through.

Marlin orders the ship to advance through the waterfall, despite Lorren’s protests to wait for Tasha. Kara reminds him that Tasha probably has an app to track the party, and Zach orders Drake to wait outside for Tasha. The Fearless Flyer makes it through the waterfall, but runs aground on the other side.

Obvious Jewel Riders References:
The Rainbow Falls was a waterfall that had rainbow-colored water. Also, there was a hidden room behind the waterfall that housed the Rainbow Jewel.

Next time: Some dungeon crawling.


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