Heart of Avalon, Chapter 9: Fun with Weaving

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 7.)

Kara, Adriane, Zach, Lorren, and Tasha arrive at the portal at Mount Hope. They know there’s a portal there because all the trees point toward it. Kara opens the portal, and Tasha walks the party through creating a magic cable to lock on to Emily’s magic and travel through the portal sequence. It takes a few tries, but Kara manages to braid the party’s magic together. Adriane wraps this magic rope around the party, and casts the other end into the portal. Ozzie locks on to the Rainbow Jewel, and the party is yanked through the portal.

Instead of more thinking with portals, we’re sent back to Emily’s scenario. Emily has woken up from her nap; for some odd reason, everyone else is still asleep. Also, Emily is having a minor case of amnesia, because she can’t seem to remember what happened after the party left Port Tuga.

Miranda is the only other party member awake, so Emily recaps her misadventures so far to her. After hearing Emily’s doubts about losing her Rainbow Jewel and healing the sea dragons, Miranda tells her that she doesn’t need a jewel or a bonded animal to make magic – jewels and bonded animals only enhance magic. Miranda was able to cast Magic Missile and Shield, and she doesn’t have a jewel or a bonded animal equipped, so why can’t Emily do the same? Emily doesn’t agree with Miranda, but she realizes that she may be right. Kara was able to amplify spells without her Unicorn Jewel for half of the series, and Emily was able to communicate with Lyra before obtaining the Rainbow Jewel.

Miranda then reveals that she was a member of a previous party that went on the same quest to find Avalon! Those of you reading the new edition (or this blog) probably figured that out already, but for those of you reading the original edition, this is a surprising revelation. It’s also a surprise to Emily in the new edition, since it’s the first time a main character has learned about any prior parties:

Emily was stunned. “There were other mages before us?”

“Many others.”

There were other parties before our current one! And I guess they didn’t need Sparkly Rocks or bonded animals, because they were that awesome.

Miranda also reveals some really interesting things: originally, she reveals the source of the magic the party used to purify Aldenmor:

“We released magic from Avalon,” Emily said proudly. “That’s how we helped Aldenmor.”

Miranda’s hard gaze held Emily under her spell. “Yes, you found magic – but it did not come from Avalon.”

“How do you know that?”

Miranda smiled bitterly. “Because the magic you found belonged to me.”

In the new edition, Miranda reveals how her party tried to open the Gates of Avalon:

“Did you have the power crystals to open the gates?”

Miranda smiled bitterly. “Of course. We made them.”

So wait … a prior party created the Power Crystals? This makes the Dark Sorceress’s experiments from earlier in the series make total sense! She attempted to make those crystals so she could open the Gates of Avalon without having to find the Power Crystals!

Anyway, Miranda also claims that the Fairimentals used her party to steal her magic.

Miranda tells Emily that she has some sort of special talent: to see magic, and shape it in any way she desires. And apparently reading thoughts and mind-raping are methods of shaping magic, both of which Emily is not very fond of. (Seriously? Because if I learned I could do Jedi mind tricks, I would be totally stoked.) However, this new ability to see and manipulate magic is key to saving the sea dragons, since Heal only cures physical ailments. Emily decides to let Miranda give her a tutorial on these new spells.

First, Miranda tells Emily to see Indi’s magic. It takes her a couple of attempts, but eventually Emily can see her Rainbow Jewel’s magic, surrounded by Indi’s purple magic. Hooray, Emily just learned Aura Sight, meaning that Emily can now sense the magical aura of every living thing! So Miranda tells Emily to find every animal in the ocean, weave their magic into a new pattern, and find the strongest source of magic among them. Emily does this, and senses a collection of magic jewels. She also discovers that every aquatic creature on Aldenmor is suffering from the same magical sickness as the sea dragons. The animals sense that Emily, a healer mage, is contacting them, so they send her their magic.

But it turns out that this tutorial was a trap: Miranda steals all the magic Emily collected, harming the animals in the process! And as Emily tries to call for help, Miranda tells her that power can only be obtained through pain….

Obvious Jewel Riders References:
Portals in the Avalon series are marked by natural features, like the trees in this chapter. The Travel Trees in Jewel Riders serve a similar purpose.

Status Update!
Emily learned: Aura Sight and Power Leech!

Next time: Emily’s new spells screw up everything.


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