Heart of Avalon, Chapter 7: This Is Not the Shapeshifting Mutant Sea Dragon Pup You’re Looking For

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 5.)

If any of you have played Phantasy Star IV, events from this chapter on will be very familiar. Namely, the party gains a new member who isn’t exactly who they claim to be. And if you’re reading the revised edition of this book, the identity of this new party member will be very obvious. So, um … if you’re reading the original edition, don’t look at the tags at the end of this entry, m’kay?

Anyway, Emily and Marlin find themselves in the Thieves Bazaar of Port Tuga. And in case you haven’t figured it out by now, Port Tuga is your run-of-the mill Not So Safe Harbor populated by pirates.

Unfortunately, Marlin hasn’t really figured this out yet, because he gets up on the auction house stage and announces that his party needs a ride back to Aquatania. While everyone starts bidding, Indi turns into a wartbeast and eats everything that was on sale in the auction house. He then turns into an ogre, trashes the entire place, and somehow teleports the party to a marketplace.

Marlin suggests that Emily should buy a new Sparkly Rock, since they’re in a market. But Emily refuses and decides to find Indi instead. Which I guess is a good idea, because Marlin is distracted by some tribble-like creatures.

So Emily roams around the market, and notices that a cloaked figure is following her. As Emily wanders around some more, she starts to hear someone communicate with her telepathically … which freaks her out, since she supposedly can’t cast spells without a Sparkly Rock. Emily turns around and finds an elf, and immediately assumes that this elf contacted her.

But nope, this elf doesn’t have creepy telepathic powers. He’s Cribby, the captain of the Fearless Flyer, and he’s more than willing to give the party a ride to Aquatania … if Marlin gives him his royal robes and rings as payment. The party agrees, and they decide to regroup at the docks after Cribby buys some supplies.

Suddenly, that creepy telepathic voice tells Emily to run away. Emily wants to know who her new telepathic buddy is, but all she learns is that it’s a “friend”.

Meanwhile, Indi trashes the entire marketplace and eats every magical item in sight, and a gang of trolls is closing in on him. Indi tries to be helpful and casts Teleport, but only manages to move the party away a few feet into a dead end. So I guess the party has to fight a group of trolls. Let’s hope Marlin actually has some decent fighting skills.

Luckily, this fight turns out to be a tutorial for Emily’s new spells! Wait … what? Not to worry, our favorite mysterious telepathic friend tells Emily that she doesn’t need a Sparkly Rock to cast spells! She instructs Emily to read the trolls’ thoughts and essentially do a Jedi mind trick (fast-forward to around the 3 minute mark):

Thankfully, this spell allows the party to escape. Unfortunately, a group of bulwoggles is chasing after the party! Emily’s new Jedi mind trick powers aren’t very effective on them, but our mysterious telepathic friend finally shows up and freezes them. She then removes her cloak — because every mysterious telepathic buddy needs one — and reveals that she’s a wizard mage.

So wait … mages don’t need a Sparkly Rock to cast spells? That totally changes everything. Though I guess we should’ve figured that out by now, since Kara was able to amplify spells without her Unicorn Jewel for half the series.

Anyway, weird new party member with strange mind-control spells? Yeah, this isn’t going to turn out well. Look what happens with the new party member with obviously evil spells in Phantasy Star IV….

Status Update!
Emily learns: Read Thoughts and Modify Memory!

Next time: the Rabbit of Caerbannog makes a guest appearance.

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