Heart of Avalon, Chapter 6: The Party Gets Off the Island

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 4.)

Marlin continues to prove how awesome of a party member he is by building a fire and cooking some potatoes and fruits. Apparently he learned his survival skills from the merfolk Boy Scouts troop. Emily finds his cooking to be delicious.

While eating, Emily reveals that she hasn’t bonded with a magical animal yet, and that the party doesn’t have a mentor figure. She also explains that she hasn’t leveled up yet, unlike the rest of the party. Marlin is surprised that Emily can make magic without an animal. He explains that the merfolk used to be able to use elemental magic, but have since lost the ability, along with their scales and tails. Obviously, they have to save the sea dragons so that they don’t lose their magic completely. Emily thinks that Marlin will believe in magic if he bonds with a magical animal, but Marlin isn’t really interested. Besides, Marlin thinks that the merfolk are evolving away from using magic, and cites the previous changes in merfolk physiology and magical abilities as proof. But Emily’s all like, “We have to save every species!”

Dude, Emily, you can’t save every single freaking species out there. You either adapt, or you die. Maybe Marlin and his father have a point: the age of magic is ending, and the merfolk are adapting to survive in a world without magic.

Suddenly, not!Ozzie shows up again and eats most of the food Marlin cooked. Emily briefly recaps what not!Ozzie is to Marlin, then catches him. She tells not!Ozzie that he’s not Ozzie … so not!Ozzie turns into not!Ariel, then not!Lyra. Emily orders the shapeshifting thing to revert back to its original form, so it turns back into that mutant sea dragon pup again. Unfortunately, it refuses to throw up the Rainbow Jewel. Emily decides to call the shapeshifting mutant sea dragon pup Indigo, or Indi for short, which is good because I’m tired of typing “shapeshifting mutant sea dragon pup”.

Indi then turns into a bear, then teleports Marlin into a palm tree. After Marlin gets out of the tree, he and Emily realize that Indi teleported them to this island, and can thus make a portal to Aquatania. So after some coaxing, Indi teleports the party off the island….

Status Update!
Indi joins the party! (Known spells: Polymorph Self, Teleport)

Next time: Someone else joins Emily’s party.


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