Ghost Wolf, Epilogue: An Unexpected Ally Appears

(If you’re reading either edition, “Epilogue” is spelled wrong. You would think someone would catch that….)

Late one night, Adriane and Dreamer run out to the portal field because Dreamer detects magic. There, they find … Mrs. Windor?

Turns out that Mrs. Windor is possessed by the Dark Sorceress, since her eyes are glowing red. If you read the original edition, you might recall that Mrs. Windor’s eyes flashed red during her last visit to Ravenswood, which may have hinted that she was being mind-controlled then. Anyway, Sorceress!Windor explains that she can only contact the party in this way because the Protection from Evil dreamcatcher is stronger now.

And then Sorceress!Windor gives Adriane a Power Crystal.

You see, the Sorceress stole the crystal from the Spider Witch because she doesn’t want her to reweave the Magic Web. It’s one of those weird the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend sort of moments. The Sorceress doesn’t want the Spider Witch to control the Magic Web, and neither does the party, so the party gets a free Power Crystal.

The Sorceress then tells Adriane that mages pay a great price for using their magic: they can only achieve balance through loss. Apparently, the Sorceress lost everything in her quest for magic (original edition series title drop!), including her sister.

… Which is a total lie, because we know that Lucinda is still alive in an astral plane somewhere.

Whatever. The Sorceress tells Adriane that together they can rebuild save Avalon. Adriane takes the Power Crystal, and Mrs. Windor — finally released from the Sorceress’s mind control — runs away.

Status Update!
Power Crystal count: 3 of 9 8

Next time: first impressions on the next book, Heart of Avalon.


  1. How was epilogue misspelled originally? In my Kindle edition it’s spelled correctly.

    This was fairly subtle by this series’ standards. Windor being possessed was only alluded to once before in the book and nothing came of it until the very end. I figured DS was going to betray SW but I didn’t expect it to go in this direction either.

    So this was the first of the books that I haven’t reread for this blog. It really is in the end one of the better ones for me, being more emotional. With three more books and one short story to go (I read The Warlock Diaries but not “Legend of the LAOA” thinking it would spoil the books I hadn’t read at the time) hopefully the others will maintain the sad and heartwarming moments; I love it when books make me misty-eyed.

    1. Epilogue was spelled “Epilog” in both the original and revised print editions.

      … Though, since writing this recap, I’ve learned that “epilog” is an accepted spelling of the word. So, I guess it’s not really a mistake.

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