Ghost Wolf, Chapter 21: So, What’s Our Quest Again?

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 17.)

The party returns to Ravenswood after a hopefully exciting day in Philadelphia. After a quick Wolfsong, Tweek confirms that Adriane has leveled up: her Wolf Stone is now officially a Wolf Stone +2, and she is bonded with a very powerful paladin.

Kara teases Adriane about her crush on Zach, which eventually culminates into Adriane asking Zach to come to an upcoming school dance. But that’s not really important.

What’s really important is that Tweek tells the party what their quest entails! And what the party has to do is considerably different between editions. Originally:

“Tweek, was Avalon really destroyed?” asked Emily.

“From what the spirit pack told Adriane, it would seem so.”

“I saw the island,” Kara said thoughtfully. “But it was all under mist.”

“Even if Avalon was destroyed, the magic still runs strong. And that means it can be rebuilt.” Tweek regarded the mages as the animals of Ravenswood gathered around. “There are several ways to control the magic of Avalon, theoretically. The Dark Sorceress tried to control it through magical animals. The Spider Witch wants to re-weave the entire web. But the only sure way is by returning the nine crystals.”

Believe it or not, the original edition gives us the only clue as to what is inside Avalon. And it looks like obtaining all the Power Crystals and returning them to Avalon (or what’s left of it) gives one control over Avalon’s magic.

Things are slightly different in the new edition:

“…If the Spider Witch plans to reweave the web, she’ll be going after Avalon’s magic to sustain it.”

“But what’s inside Avalon, Tweek?” Emily asked. “Everyone we met seems to have a different opinion.”

“How do we even know there’s magic in there?” Kara added.

“Oh, there’s magic in there. You can bet your twigs on that.”

“Yeah, but what kind of magic?” Adriane asked.

Tweek regarded the mages as the animals of Ravenswood gathered around. “The only sure way to find out is by returning the nine crystals and opening the gates.”

So nobody has any idea what is inside Avalon, other than that there’s magic inside. And obtaining all the Power Crystals allows one to open the Gates of Avalon and find out what’s on the other side. Hmm, I’m starting to wonder why everyone conveniently forgot what’s in Avalon, and if that’s on purpose.

Anyway, Ozzie comes up with the best plan ever: find all the other Power Crystals, then worry about everything else later.

Tweek then gives a quick party status update — which, if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably already figured out that two-thirds of the main party have leveled up, and the party has two out of nine eight Power Crystals. We do get some interesting information on Ozzie, though: he’s an important party member because he’s an example of “elemental transformation”. The Fairimentals probably chose him to help the party because of his strong magic.

The mistwolves then depart for Aldenmor via the portal. Before leaving, Dawnrunner reveals that she’s pregnant. (Hmm, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for her to participate in that boss battle!) This is apparently cause for the entire party to dance.

Once the mistwolves leave, Adriane realizes that both Stormbringer and Dreamer hold special places in her heart. She can now feel Stormbringer in the forest around her, since Stormbringer is now the guardian of Ravenswood. Oh, and Adriane’s finally moved on from Stormbringer’s apparent death.

Status Update!
Adriane is bonded to: Stormbringer (paladin version)!
Adriane learns: Summon Stormbringer!

Next time: the party gets some unexpected assistance.

One comment

  1. I really like the description in the original text but the new conversation is great, like Tweek has an ulterior motive that isn’t beneficial to the Ravenswood gang and the Fairimentals might not be as benevolent as they seem.

    Again, this chapter manages to wring some actual emotion out. I think it might be the Adriane books that are best at that, but I still have three more books to read; maybe I’ll be surprised.

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