Ghost Wolf, Chapter 19: A Lot of Old Stuff Is Used Again

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 16.)

Well, shit has officially hit the fan. Dark magic is raining over Ravenswood, and the party can’t use their Sparkly Rocks because they’re tied to Ravenswood. (But wait … Ozzie and Zach got their rocks in Aldenmor, so they shouldn’t be affected! Also, why hasn’t anyone in Stonehill noticed the obviously black rain?)

The party realizes that the Spider Witch is using the Power Crystal to weave her own magic into Ravenswood. They know that the Spider Witch wants to reweave the entire Magic Web, so they assume that she’s starting her reweaving efforts with Ravenswood.

Suddenly, Dreamer detects magic! He roots around in the dirt and finds a sparkletastic rainbow flower. (Wow, we haven’t seen those in forever!) The dragonflies spread the flower’s seeds, which has the awesome effects of purifying dark magic and making the party’s Sparkly Rocks work properly again. Keep these effects in mind — they end up becoming very important at the end of the series.

Tweek explains that the rainbow flowers (scientific name: Flora rainbowpufficus) produce raw magic. The party reasons that they can restore Ravenswood’s magic if they grow more flowers. And it turns out that those markings on the Rocking Stone are instructions for growing rainbow flowers! Basically, each party member has to contribute elemental magic to make the flowers grow.

So the party forms a circle around the newly-scattered seeds, and decide to focus their magic with a spellsong. Yeah, I thought that the party had totally forgotten about spellsinging and jewel circles, but I guess they remembered these abilities for this one spell.

After everyone wastes some time cheering, the party starts to cast their spell. The song they sing is “Earth Song”, another Debra Davis song that wasn’t recorded for the series. Some of the lyrics differ between editions, so maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have a recording to refer back to.

Anyway, Emily starts by casting Control Water:

Shimmering, showering
Droplets like jewels Falling like rain
Fountain of sky life
Awake, and renew Awaken again

The spell purifies the dark rain and causes jets of water to erupt from a nearby lake. Kara then casts Summon Starfire and sings her part of the spellsong. She fires a rainbow out of her jewel, which Starfire pulls across the sky, causing the clouds to clear away. Zach then casts Haste, forcing the flowers to reproduce faster:

Hours to days
Morning to night
Everything blooms
In its own perfect time When their time is right

Ozzie then casts Control Wind, which the rest of the party has to amplify because he isn’t strong enough to affect the flowers by himself. Lastly, Adriane and the mistwolves sing a Wolfsong, which summons the Spirit Pack. In the original edition, Adriane also sings a verse of the song:

Rhythm of life
Spirit of song
Growing together
Our hearts beat as one

Adriane and the mistwolves cast Mist Form and join the Spirit Pack as they pull the flowers’ magic all over Ravenswood. Once they’re done, they return to their physical forms … and find another forest sylph. The new edition explains who the hell this new sylph is, because she just kinda appears out of nowhere:

“I am Wysteria, a sylph from the Moorgroves,” the ancient creature said, her voice resonant with the power of the earth.

Wysteria tells Adriane that Ravenswood’s magic will fade away without a forest spirit to anchor it. Stormbringer volunteers to be the new forest spirit; her reasons are only explained in the new edition:

Storm had been born from the magic of Ravenswood, a world away from the mistwolves of Aldenmor. Though she was connected to the spirit pack, she was never meant to run with them. Her spirit belonged here.

After some tearful farewells, Stormbringer leaves with Wysteria.

Adriane and Dreamer rejoin the party, and discover that everything is back to normal in Ravenswood. And it looks like Adriane leveled up, because her Wolf Stone is now silver.

Status Update!
Zach learns: Haste!
Adriane obtains: Wolf Stone +2!
Adriane leveled up!

Next time: The party visits an art museum.

One comment

  1. I’m glad for those lyric changes; some of those rhymes were rather strange. I wish Adriane’s verse was kept though; that really sums up the series.

    This book has been the only one to make me feel sort of sad so far, starting with this chapter and continuing up until the epilogue.

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