Ghost Wolf, Chapter 17: Adriane Needs a Kick!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 14.)

Adriane finds herself in a strange forest. One of the trees before her has a door in it, so Adriane goes through it. On the other side is a garden, in which the rest of the party is having a mad tea party, complete with constantly-changing outfits that look like they came out of Gothic & Lolita Bible. In the new edition, “mad tea party” is a total misnomer, because there’s no tea at all, only juice.

The party starts spewing some nonsense about Adriane being a loner and not wearing a hat. Adriane quickly realizes that she’s in a dream state — and no, it’s not the weird shapeshifting outfits that tip her off. It’s because the party mostly ignores her.

Adriane tries asking the party if they’ve seen Dreamer anywhere. The party reveals that Dreamer’s not on the “guest list”, because he and all the other mistwolves died … and it was all Adriane’s fault. Adriane tries to leave the party, but all paths lead back to where she started. The party restates what Adriane just discovered, and tells her that she totally sucks.

Adriane then realizes that she, and the rest of the party, don’t have their Sparkly Rocks equipped! Of course, the party has no idea what the hell these Sparkly Rocks are. Adriane tries to world walk out of the mad tea juice party, but instead walks into a table. The party encourages her to stay with them and be normal. Adriane almost considers giving up and moving with her parents to New York….

When, suddenly, another Kara appears! This Kara starts waving her Unicorn Jewel around and totally disses everyone’s fashion sense. (I guess she’s not a fan of lolita style.) This somehow freezes the false party. Kara then tells Adriane to leave the dream state and find the Power Crystal.

But wait … how did Kara enter Adriane’s Trippy Dream Sequence? Well, Kara cast Network Circle of Friends so she could give the party’s magic to Adriane. And since Kara has to be physically near Adriane to give her the magic, she got transported here.

Adriane thinks that it’s too late to do anything for Ravenswood. Kara then informs her that Dawnrunner has recovered, and that Adriane still has a chance to save Ravenswood and all the mistwolves. Suddenly, Adriane discovers that her Wolf Stone is reequipped.

Now with a weapon and the party’s magic, Adriane world walks to the gorge on the Spirit Trail that Stormbringer is bridging in her mist form. Orenda is waiting for her there, but she speaks with a different voice now. Adriane assumes that the Spider Witch is speaking through the sylph. She does her best Charlton Heston as Moses impersonation — except replace “my people” with “the mistwolves”, and omit the unseen snake fight:

Adriane wants to continue the boss battle from earlier, but without a bonded animal equipped, she can’t control her magic.

Suddenly, the Power Crystal appears, and Orenda takes it! Adriane tries to fight back, but Dreamer suddenly attacks her! Chain has possessed Dreamer, and he tells Adriane that she can never save the mistwolves. Adriane tries to cast Heal on Dreamer and Stormbringer (after realizing that she can still cast healer spells in the new edition). Then the Spider Witch reveals that Chain is her paladin! Chain!Dreamer leaps for the Power Crystal. Stormbringer tells Adriane to save the Power Crystal … but in order to do this, one of Adriane’s bonded wolves has to die.

Next time: The Insect Warrior makes his final appearance in the series.


  1. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I got lost reading Doctor Who, the New Adventures, something I should have started after finishing Ghost Wolf. I had to reread this chapter a few times to remind myself what was going on when I left off. Not that I minded; it’s a chapter I’m quite happy to read any number of times and is a highlight of the series for me now. Rather strange about the tea being replaced with juice in the new editions though (not that there is anything to drink at their party at all); it shouldn’t be that the publishers think children don’t now what tea is.

    Emily’s hair is described as a “mass of wild red ringlets” but it looks like her normal hair in the illustration, not at all different from the other illustrations of her in this book. It is a crowded picture though with a lot going on. Probably my favorite of the book.

    1. I don’t know what’s up with the tea being replaced with juice in this chapter. However, I recall that, all the way back in Spellsinger, the sugary drinks sold at the concert were also replaced with juice. Maybe it’s a “keep slightly-caffeinated drinks away from pre-teens!” sort of thing.

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