Ghost Wolf: Dramatis Personae

What are the characters’ names? What is their quest? What are their favorite colors? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Half of these questions will be answered in this Dramatis Personae section, which is only found in the original edition of this book!

I’m assuming this section was inserted for everyone who started with the Quest for Magic books, because it provides a quick overview of the characters and the plot. The entire section is posted below:


  • Emily: The healer, wears the rainbow jewel
  • Adriane: The warrior, wears the wolf stone
  • Kara: The blazing star, wears the unicorn jewel
  • Ozzie: An elf trapped in the body of a ferret, wears the ferret stone

Three teenagers and a ferret whose lives crisscross at the intersection of magic and friendship. Together they fight the dark powers bent on controlling the home of all magic, a mystical place called Avalon.


  • Lyra: Winged leopard cat bonded to Kara
  • Dreamer: Mistwolf bonded to Adriane
  • Stormbringer: Mistwolf bonded to Adriane
  • Ariel: Magical owl
  • Starfire: Elemental fire stallion bonded to Kara
  • Dragonflies: Mini dragons, Goldie, Blaze, Barney, Fiona, and Fred
  • The Drake: Dragon bonded to Zach and Adriane


  • Fairimentals: Protectors of the magic of Aldenmor, take form in different elements
  • Tweek: Experimental earth Fairimental sent to mentor the mages
  • Zach: A teenage boy raised by mistwolves, wears the dragon stone


  • The Ravenswood Animal Preserve


  • The Spider Witch: Elemental magic master
  • The Dark Sorceress: Half human, half animal magic master

Return nine missing power crystals to Avalon. Without these crystals, the magical secrets of Avalon will be lost forever.

A few things of note in this section:
* Emily isn’t bonded to anyone?
* Isn’t “leopard cat” kinda redundant? Or is Lyra supposed to be a cat with leopard-like markings?
* So the Dark Sorceress and Spider Witch are dark mages? Does that mean that becoming a dark mage requires turning into a half-human, half-animal abomination?
* How can anyone complete the quest if Kara blew up a Power Crystal in the last book?

Next time: Oh look, another Trippy Dream Sequence.


One comment

  1. That’s rather helpful, I like it when books provide moments like these to give readers a moment to reacquaint themselves with cast and concepts.

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