All’s Fairy in Love and War, Epilogue: A Revenge Plot

Hey, remember the Evil Council of Evil the Original Party? Well, during that boss battle a couple of chapters back, they escaped from the Otherworlds and returned to the Spider Witch’s lair. There, they reunite with a giant spider, which just happens to be the Spider Witch’s pet / bonded animal.

The Dark Sorceress has some sort of plan up her sleeve. Once the party obtains a third Power Crystal, she will be able to manipulate one of the Fairimentals. The Original Party is shocked that Kara was able to destroy one of the Power Crystals. However, the Sorceress is confident doubts that she can turn Kara to their side. The Spider Witch doubts the Sorceress’ plans reminds the Sorceress that there are other party members they can try to control.

And while all this is going on, the Spider Witch leads the Dark Sorceress to a massive tapestry of Ravenswood, which is key to some sort of elaborate revenge plot.

So yeah … not much going on here, other than that we got the Evil Council Original Party out of the Otherworlds, ready to do something horrible to Ravenswood.

Next time: First impressions on the next book, Ghost Wolf.


  1. So, that’s the end of All’s Fairy in Love and War, the last of the books I previously read. From here on out it’s uncharted territory for me. This will be a most interesting experience.

    I wonder who/what Spider Witch’s spider was eating? It would have been a nice touch if one body turned out to be Tangoo.

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