All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 22: Everybody Dance!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 15.)

Oh noes, Raelda and Selinda are fighting again!

… Over interior decorating options for the Castle Garthwyn ballroom.

Luckily, Kara steps in and chooses a decor combination that pleases them both. Phew.

Unfortunately, Lorren tells Kara that the monarchs outside are still arguing over who will mentor the party. I’m rather glad someone is thinking about helping the party with magic, since Henry Gardener totally dropped the ball on that. Kara insists that the party is doing fine on their own, but Raelda wants the party to have a mentor figure anyway.

Oh, and Raelda also hints that Lorren has a crush on Kara. I guess someone has a love interest!

Outside at the party, Musso and Sparky are selling cheese to all the guests. Adriane and Emily are also there, since the Ravenswood portal works again now. The girls all have pimped-out outfits that they procured from Kara’s magic wardrobe. No, I’m not going to start Pimped-Out Outfit Counts for the rest of the party, because they don’t get a whole lot of costume descriptions for the remainder of the series. We’ll just stick to what Kara’s wearing today: cream-colored linen drawstring capris with flowers embroidered on the hems, a pink tank top, and strappy off-white sandals. Hmm, more conservative than usual, I see.

Pimped-Out Kara Outfit Count: 8

Kara introduces the rest of the party to Lorren. Emily, being the other girly-girl of the group, comments on how cute Lorren is. Lorren reveals that he’s abandoned his Forest Prince persona, realizing that he could do more to help the Fairy Realms as the goblin prince. Tasha then shows up and is officially promoted to Tangoo’s old position.

Then, after a well-deserved “What the Hell, Heroine?” from all the monarchs, everyone starts arguing over who will appoint a mentor for the party. Ozzie says that he was chosen by the Fairimentals to mentor the party, but the monarchs say that Ozzie doesn’t know enough about magic to help the party. So the monarchs decide to ask Kara what she knows about magic. Kara says that magic comes from friendship and the heart, and to prove this she gives the monarchs of each kingdom one of the talismans she found made. The trolls get the bunny slippers, the elves get the air harp, the dwarves get the Heart of the Mountain quicksilver heart, and the goblins get the Sun Stone.

But wait, what about the fairies? Well, Kara and Tasha made them an elemental rose that combines the magic of all four elements. So yay, everyone’s happy.

Selinda is impressed by this, so she decides that everyone in the Fairy Realms will help the party on their quest. She gives the party access to all their resources, and presents Kara with the enchanted accessories. Kara apologizes for breaking a Power Crystal, and Lorren reassures her that the party will still find Avalon somehow.

And then everybody dances! And while everyone dances, Kara realizes that her Unicorn Jewel has changed: Starfire’s magic has mixed with hers.

Status Update!
Kara obtains: Unicorn Jewel +3!
Kara levels up!

Next time: Kettle chips — the best side dish … for REVENGE!

One comment

  1. Emily gets flame red ringlets and…a sky blue sundress and heeled silver sandals? No, no, no, no. Emily, darling, those ringlets would go much better with a big, grand gown, preferably one red and white, perhaps with some cream in there for variety. In fact, all three of them have oddly casual outfits for a grand celebration like this. And not even an illustration of it when this would have been a great opportunity to have a big group picture. The last chapter could have used an illustration too.

    As much as I like a goblin love interest for Kara, I really would prefer if it had a love-triangle between the three mages.

    It would have been nice if Tasha became their mentor. A description of what she was wearing would have been nice too.

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