All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 19: The Sudden, Inevitable Betrayal

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 13.)

Kara, Starfire, and Goldie land in a mine cart in the Dwarf Mines. I’m gonna let Donkey Kong provide the recap for this part:

At the end of the super-perilous mine-cart level, the party finds a giant pool full of quicksilver. By this point, Kara has noticed that Starfire is starting to lose his form, so she offers to give him one of the magic talismans. The fire horse, however, insists that Kara save the talisman for attracting the Power Crystal.

Then the party realizes that their adventure in the mines isn’t over yet! There’s a massive maze full of elemental earth magic, in which the walls keep shifting their positions. Kara tries detecting magic to make her way out, but it’s not very effective. She does figure out that the air harp she created earlier can help detect dead ends, so she uses that to make her way out of the maze.

At the exit is yet another massive pool of quicksilver. Kara finds creates another talisman, this time a quicksilver heart. There’s more detail on this in the new edition:

“Quicksilver,” Kara gasped. If she didn’t succeed, Lyra would melt away into a puddle just like this. And she would lose her best friend forever.

“Magic,” Goldie said.

As each bubble broke the surface, twinkles of bright magic were released into the air.

Kara closed her eyes and concentrated. Raising her hands, she sent silky tendrils of fire from her fingertips.

What was she supposed to make this time? She tried to focus but all she could see were Lyra’s beautiful green cat eyes.

After obtaining this talisman, the party jumps through the next mirror.

Now the party is in a dark forest, which is apparently full of evil things because Kara starts detecting evil. So Kara and Starfire start riding off, with Kara firing Magic Missiles at the weird creatures that follow them. Eventually they find some purple trees, which turn green as they ride past them. The two continue to follow the purple trees, which attracts more elemental fire magic. Once the party reaches a clearing, Kara creates the final talisman … a sunstone.

Yes, that’s right. Kara just created the freaking Sun Stone.

Unfortunately, Starfire is starting to lose his shape again, and the monsters are still chasing them. And to make matters worse, the Power Crystal pops in via portal. So the party rides off again, monsters and Power Crystal in tow, until they reach a lake. The monsters surround the party, and Kara realizes too late that this lake is the last mirror.

But not to worry! Lorren flies in on his bat and attacks the monsters. I guess he got out of the Spider Witch’s lair after all. While all this fighting is going on, Kara gets the Power Crystal.

To make things even more confusing, another Lorren shows up! The new Lorren wants Kara to give him the Power Crystal. The first Lorren takes out Mirabelle. Oh noes, which Lorren does Kara think is the real Lorren? Who will she fire a Magic Missile at?

Well, Kara should’ve fired a Magic Missile at the new Lorren, because a) he took the bag of talismans and the Power Crystal, and b) he’s not Lorren at all. He’s actually Tangoo. Tangoo explains that he’s sick and tired of every single fairy creature asking him for help, so he wishes to create a new Magic Web. He plans on blaming Kara’s failure on the Forest Prince. Oh, and he turned Lyra into quicksilver. Kara finally realizes that Tangoo did that so she would have to go find the Power Crystal.

Tangoo uses the talismans to turn the lake into a quicksilver mirror. Then he gives Starfire the fake Blue Rose, killing the fire horse. The lake turns into a portal to the Otherworlds, and Kara falls inside….

… Only to land on the stage during the school play.

Status Update!
Starfire leaves the party!

Next time: Kara burns down the house.



  1. That’s a lot of video games you played. Many of them I played too.

    I like how petty Tangoo is here. His whole evil plan was just to shut all those nobles up so he can do things his way.

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