All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 18: Kara Davies’ Wild Ride

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 12.)

Kara and Starfire make it to their first destination, the Ice Mountains of the Troll Kingdom. Their next mirror is on the top of a mountain, so the party attempts to ride up there. Unfortunately, fire melts ice, so Starfire can’t make it up the mountain. But not to worry: Kara creates jewel armor for Starfire’s legs so he won’t melt through the ice!

Yes, readers, you just got your first glimpse at jewel armor in the Avalon series. And unfortunately, you’ll never see it again.

Anyway, Kara’s spell attracts some water elemental magic to her. She molds the magic into a pair of bunny slippers. Why? Well, that’s what the new edition’s here for:

Kara had no idea what to make. “Hmmm. Okay, now what?”

“Focus.” Goldie snuggled into Kara’s neck.

“Remember when we were ice skating and came home for hot chocolate?” Starfire asked.

“That felt so good,” Kara smiled. “All warm and cozy.”

Unfortunately, the slippers hop away from her! So Kara and Starfire chase them up the mountain and eventually catch them. There’s also some friendly banter that only appears in the original edition:

“Hey, remember the time I threw my bunny slippers in the pool?” Kara laughed.

“I thought they were quite comfortable,” Starfire said, focusing on Kara’s memory.

With their first talisman in the Bag of Holding, the party jumps through the mirror at the mountain’s peak.

Next location: a grouping of clouds somewhere in the sky. Thankfully, clouds can support fire horses and anyone wearing water-elemental bunny slippers, so Kara and Starfire don’t fall to their deaths. Kara jumps on the clouds and realizes that they each play a note from her favorite B*Tween song when stepped upon. So yay … a musical puzzle like in Eternal Sonata. Kara directs Starfire and Goldie (yeah, she’s accompanying Kara on this quest, too) to jump on certain clouds to play the chorus of “Supernatural High”, which produces enough air elemental magic for Kara to create a golden harp.

Two talismans down, two more to go! Kara and Starfire jump through the next mirror, but Kara notices something wrong with her horse….

Status Update!
Kara learns: Create Magic Armor!
The party is officially called: Team Magic? (Ugh, I hate that name.)

Next time: Kara lands in a mine cart level from Donkey Kong Country.


      1. Sounds like only Kara used it, unless all of them start during Ghost Wolf. I just thought they would have come up with something more original than Team Magic.

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