Day: August 9, 2012

All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 13: Fun with Goblins

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 9.)

Thanks to the magic of mirror travel, Kara arrives at Castle Garthwyn, home of the goblins. There, Lorren and Queen Raelda greet her. Kara’s previous encounters with goblins hasn’t been the greatest, so she’s kinda surprised to see Raelda’s court just looking at her curiously instead of casting Magic Missile at her.

Raelda reveals that she doubts Tangoo’s plan to use the fire horse to obtain the Power Crystal. But hey, at least it was nice of Tangoo to take care of Lyra. After some more talk about doing anything in her power to save her people, Raelda leaves.

Lorren and Kara make their way to the goblin labs, where they meet another future party member: Tasha. Right now she’s just Tangoo’s lab assistant, but she proves to be quite the magitech master. Tasha has apparently invented tons of spells that she has stored in vials, and she can calibrate magic mirrors.

Oh, and did I mention that the goblins have magitech? Why the hell haven’t they shared this with party yet?

Anyway, Tasha shows Kara what’s left of Lyra. It’s not much, just her head and shoulders. Tangoo decides this is a good time to show up and tell Kara that she couldn’t dispel whatever she did to Lyra because she’s not a “Magic Master”. But if Kara gets the Power Crystal, then Lyra can be restored. Unfortunately, the fire horse Kara needs to tame doesn’t have enough magic to survive whatever ordeal Kara needs it for. But not to worry! Tangoo knows of an artifact called the Blue Rose that enhances elemental magic!

Just one problem: it’s in the Spider Witch’s lair.

Now, this Blue Rose thing has an identical twin which negates elemental magic. Tasha is nice enough to teach Kara a rhyme so she can tell apart the two roses. Apparently the one Kara needs is supposed to smell really bad.

Tangoo knows of a magic mirror somewhere in the Spider Witch’s lair, so he gives its coordinates to Tasha. While Tasha calibrates a mirror and Tangoo roots through his spell-vials, Kara decides to call the party (new edition only):

“One sec, I want to let my friends know what’s going on. Get me Emily, Goldie.”

Goldie flew to Kara’s ear and dialed in Fiona.

“Kara?” Emily said.

“No time to chat,” Kara explained quickly. “I’m going after a piece of magic that can help me found the fire horse.”

“We’ve rounded up a stand-in for you,” Emily giggled. “She’s very pretty.”

Argh, I wonder who Emily got to stand in for Kara!

Unfortunately, Tangoo throws a spell vial while Kara is on the line. The spell hits Goldie, causing the dragonfly to fall into the mirror. Kara, of course, jumps in after her….

Next time: We meet Kara’s understudy.