All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 11: Catching Up Time

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 8.)

After that massive battle in Kara’s bedroom, Lorren drops Kara off at her room in the Fairy Palace. Lorren takes some time to explain that he uses his Forest Prince persona to work with the Fairy Underground, since he would be imprisoned if he was formally allied with them. He then offers to take Kara to Tangoo in the morning so she can finally tame the fire horse. Kara accepts Lorren’s offer, and then Lorren leaves.

Immediately afterwards, the enchanted toiletries demand a recap of Kara’s adventures at the Fairy Rave, so Kara obliges. She also starts worrying about taming the bad-ass fire horse, saving Lyra, and finding the Power Crystal before the Dark Sorceress does. In the original edition, Kara even thinks about why the party doesn’t tell anyone on Earth about magic:

None of the mages had told anyone — who’d believe them?

Hey, maybe bring back some of that magitech, or those magical creatures from Ravenswood! I know, the party assumes that the animals would be tested on by scientists … but I would think that biologists would want to see these animals in their natural habitats — i.e. Aldenmor, the Fairy Realms, etc. Once anyone sees the realms outside Earth, and all the humanoid creatures and fairy civilizations, then people will certainly believe the party!

All this thinking about serious matters prompts Kara to contact Emily back on Earth.

Emily is nice enough to recap everything that happened in the last chapter to Kara. She also explains that the dragonflies are redecorating Kara’s room — which may not be a good idea if you recall the events of “Dragonfly Wrangling 102” — and that Ozzie took Musso and Sparky to Ravenswood. Kara then admits that she has no idea what to do, and her desire to not have magic. Emily reassures Kara and tells her that the party loves her just the way she is.

Adriane decides to join the call, so Kara recaps all her adventures again! And then she goes over the plan to retrieve the Power Crystal. Adriane and Emily tell Kara that she’ll surely succeed in her quest, and that they’ll cover for Kara at the play tomorrow. And then the conference call ends.

Next time: Someone finally tells the party what’s inside Avalon.


  1. I would be worried about how human and fairy realms would react to each other, that one may try to exploit the other or react with hostility. There would be some tremendous consequences on Earth alone, forcing everyone to revise their notions of science and religion with magic and alternative worlds proven. It would be a major decision to unveil the web. The girls debating that would make a book in of itself, especially if they consult other Fairy Realm denizens.

    1. I kinda want that to happen in a future book (if they ever get around to writing them). I’ve never liked how magical worlds have to be kept secret from everyone else. Seeing how Earth and the Fairy Realms would react during a first contact situation would be interesting….

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