All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 1: Uninvited Guests

Before we go on with the first chapter, let’s look at the playbill that’s included with the new edition. The kids at Stonehill Middle School are holding a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and some familiar characters have significant parts. Kara, Adam, and Marcus are performing, and Rae is directing. We also learn Adam and Marcus’s full names: Adam’s is “Adam Jason Brown”, and Marcus’s is “Marcus Wallace”.

Anyway, today is a very busy day for Kara. She’s getting ready for the school play, the Catty Girls are complaining about their makeup, and the party reminds Kara about preparations for tourist season. Kara wants nothing to do with the party (she apparently left the party again after their New Mexico adventure), she has no idea how to use her Blazing Star powers, and she feels responsible for everything that went wrong over the course of the series (i.e. Stormbringer’s death, whatever happened to Phel, the scattering of the Power Crystals). So she auditioned for the school play and got the part of Queen Titania.

And then (in the new edition) Kyle enters her bedroom and makes some rather lame Shakespeare jokes. And for once, the humor doesn’t sound half-bad:

“You’re late, thou fawning, onion-eyed flap dragon!” Kyle dramatically swung into Kara’s room, arms spread wide. He was reading from his Make Your Own Shakespeare Insults book.

Kara quickly threw the dress’s paper wrapping over Lyra to hide the large cat. “Kyle, I’m busy!”

“Your play is so dumb,” Kara’s older brother complained as he sat on the paper-covered “chair,” eliciting a growl. “Fairies, love spells, magic — as if!”

The chair began to move sideways. Kara lifted her brother by the arm, guiding him the rest of the way to the door. “I have to finish getting my costume ready, Kyle. So beat it.”

“Even Marcus and Joey are in the play,” he whined. “What am I supposed to do?”

“What you do best,” Kara suggested. “Make fun of everyone and cause trouble.”

“Forsooth!” he said as he leaped down the stairs.

After Kara kicks out Kyle, the lights suddenly flicker in her room … and a rat-like creature and a goblin-like humanoid burst out of her closet. They introduce themselves as Musso the Magnificent (the goblin-thing, who is apparently a hobgoblin) and Sparky (the rat-thing), and claim that they were hired to find “Princess” Kara. She has to enter the portal that mysteriously formed inside her closet. Kara, however, wants nothing to do with this … but her Unicorn Jewel thinks otherwise and pulls her into the portal. Lyra jumps in after her, and the portal closes.

And now two very alien creatures are stranded on Earth. This should be interesting!

Before I forget, Kara’s fairy costume is super pimped-out. It’s a pink, poufy dress with pearly white silk wings, crystal beading, and cap sleeves. And she has a sparkly tiara to go with it. Sounds a lot like Gwen’s party dress from Jewel Riders, but with wings.

Pimped-Out Kara Outfit Count: 5

Also, Ms. Roberts has decided to mess with continuity again, because this chapter says that Kara is 13 years old. Hmm, I guess this makes more sense than everyone being 14 at this point in the series (this book takes place three weeks after Song of the Unicorns), because it gives the party time to celebrate birthdays before the end of the school year. But it also firmly places Kara as being in the seventh grade … which will be a problem by the time the end of the series comes around.

Next time: A lot of stuff happens.


One comment

  1. Well here is an immediately change for the e-book: Kara is 14-years-old now. It looks like all the girls had their ages raised.

    I like that this book has attractive goblins in it. That doesn’t seem very common in fantasy.

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