Song of the Unicorns, Chapter 15: Hey, It’s That Guy!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 12.)

Adriane and Emily are still stuck in that magical tornado, which is causing some serious interference with their magic. Adriane can’t fire Magic Missiles inside the tornado, and Kara’s Magic Missiles only strengthen the tornado. Thankfully, Tweek tells the party how to dispel the tornado: by using Dreamer’s elemental magic. So Dreamer turns to mist, jumps into the tornado, and then attempts to regain physical form, thus freeing the girls.

Unfortunately, Dreamer is severely injured and can’t return to his normal wolf shape. And even worse, Emily can’t seem to cast Heal … but she’s pretty damn good at casting Magic Missile now. Which I guess is a good thing, because a bunch of cloud-bat-things formed from the residual wild magic attack the party. Adriane tries to fight the bats, but soon discovers that she’s sucktastic at casting Magic Missile, not to mention any sort of athletic activity. (Which kinda pisses me off — I thought Adriane was athletic because she ran all over Ravenswood. I don’t like this insinuation that Adriane’s athleticism is all magical, and not due to all the training Adriane did throughout the last six books.) The girls realize that Adriane and Emily switched powers, so Adriane gives Emily a quick Magic Missile tutorial. The bats are soon defeated, giving the party all the time in the world to figure out how to help Dreamer.

Emily gives Adriane a quick tutorial on casting Heal, which apparently requires opening oneself to the injured animal’s emotions. Adriane casts Heal on Dreamer, and the two share thoughts about their own abandonment issues … and then Adriane suddenly finds herself running on the Spirit Trail!

And that’s where things diverge wildly. In the original edition, Adriane runs into a deceased character:

One wolf broke from the back to run by her side. The wolf’s silver fur rippled over powerful muscles, golden eyes shining bright.

“My heart soars to see you, warrior.”

Adriane was filled with joy at the sight of her beloved lost pack mate. Stormbringer.

“Storm, is it really you?”

“Run with me, pack mate.”

Stormbringer tells Adriane to “open [her]self to those who love you” and stand with her friends, and then leaves. The whole exchange — and Stormbringer’s presence in the Spirit Pack — proves that Adriane’s old bonded animal is very much dead. However, things are a little more complicated in the new edition:

“Where am I?”

“You run with the spirit pack.”

The spirit pack! Her first packmate ran with the spirit pack now. Was it even possible to — “Stormbringer!” she called out, scanning through the wolves for the slightest glimpse of her first bonded. “I need you, Storm! Please, help me!”

“Your packmate is not here, warrior.”

“She is lost to us.”

Adriane gasped. What? How could Stormbringer be lost? She saved all the mistwolves!

The wolves tell Adriane that Stormbringer will always be in her heart, and then they leave. Here, there’s some hope that Stormbringer might have miraculously survived getting nuked or trapped in the Dark Sorceress’ lair in the last book.

Either way, Dreamer is healed. Yay. Now all that’s left to do is to get the party’s powers back to normal and figure out how to save the unicorn foals. Unfortunately, Tweek says that there’s no way to restore Adriane and Emily’s powers. But the girls do determine that the Dark Knight was sent by someone to capture the unicorns.

And then the unicorns suddenly return via the portal, still in their Tiny Net. However, there’s something different about them: Riannon finally has her horn, but all the unicorns’ coats are a dull color now because they lost their magic. Oh noes.

Status Update!
Adriane learns: Heal!

Next time: A boss battle!


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  1. Well, that was strange about Storm in the updated version. It also bothers me that Adriane’s strength and stamina come from her magic instead of her training.

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