Preliminary Recap Schedule and Other Site Business.

This isn’t final yet, but here’s how we may be dividing recaps for the rest of the Avalon books. SoozieQ will do the rest of Song of the Unicorns, All’s Fairy in Love and War, Ghost Wolf, and Warlock Diaries, while I’ll do Heart of Avalon, Dark Mage, Full Circle, and “Legend of the LAOA”. I just need to e-mail my notes on the books to SoozieQ, and then we’ll hopefully be set. Also, when the books are complete, I’ll start posting Jewel Riders episode recaps.

As for other things with the site … I know that the Avalon fandom isn’t very active, but should we cover whatever fanart/fics/films that come out? There’s some activity on DA and, and someone on the series’ Facebook page mentioned doing a fan film. Any input on this would be appreciated.

Lastly, I considered expanding my recaps to other books … but I’m not sure if I should create a new site for them, or just post them here. And if I do start this new project, I want it to be something that most readers here are interested in. So, chime in with suggestions on a) if I should go ahead with non-Avalon recaps, b) what I should recap, and c) where I should post them. I may make a list of community suggestions, appended with some selections of my own, for voting later.


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