Check this out:

Why yes, that is an IMDb page for some “Avalon: Web of Magic” movie that’s supposed to come out in 2013.

What company is behind it? Who’s attached to it? When in 2013 will it come out? Will it be theatrical, TV, or straight to DVD? Well I have no idea, because all that info is only for people with IMDb Pro, AKA people who pay for it.

If anyone has access to IMDb Pro, would you mind doing the fandom an awesome favor and taking screencaps of the Avalon page?

So is there really going to be an Avalon movie? Maybe, if it actually gets past development.



  1. Wow … it’s about freaking time. They’ve been teasing this since 2004, for heaven’s sake.

    I don’t have IMDB Pro, but I’ll try to find info elsewhere….

    [Edit: I think there’s a way to get a free trial of IMDB Pro. Only lasts two weeks, though. Anyone game enough to try it?]

    1. Hmm … the guy is primarily a producer, with only one directing credit so far: a short film that premiered at last year’s Edmonton International Film Festival.

      His blog is the official site for the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, which seems to have multiple contributors … so I’m not sure about asking him there. I guess someone could e-mail him.

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