Song of the Unicorns, Chapter 9: Portal Cut

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 8.)

So the party and the herd of unicorns jumped through the portal into the ranch’s stables, but the cactus monster followed them! Adriane and Dreamer try to fend it off, but Dreamer does something insanely stupid: he gets swallowed by the monster! Luckily, the dragonflies close the portal, which decapitates the cactus-centipede.

Wow, that was violent.

Anyway, the party realizes that they have to keep the unicorns safe somehow before escorting them to the nearest portal back to Dalriada. Unfortunately, the Unicorn Amulet needs recharging, and the unicorns can’t control their magic long enough to power up the damn thing. Luckily, Emily comes up with a smart idea: using spellsinging to focus the unicorns’ magic! (Wow, and most of you probably thought that spellsinging would never be brought up again.) The plan works, and the amulet now has enough energy to … produce a Fairy Map charting the unicorns’ route to Dalriada.

So the party decides to focus Kara’s magic instead. This works kinda like those Enchanted Jewel Circles that make an appearance at least once an episode in Jewel Riders: the girls stand in a circle, and call out when they activate their Sparkly Rocks. Emily adds the “protection of healing magic!” Adriane contributes the “strength of a warrior!” And Kara has the “light of a blazing star!”

And then the shield is reactivated, and the unicorns are safe at the ranch … for now.

Next time: The unicorns are discovered anyway.


One comment

  1. I love that the monster was a mutated prickly pear. Now that’s a sign that nature is going off-balance with those elemental storms.

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