Song of the Unicorns, Chapter 7: Cave Story

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 6.)

Before going on, I’d like to wish all my readers a belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Sorry for not posting in the past week-or-so, I’ve been busy with holiday stuff. But now it’s back to the party and their adventures in abnormally-warm New Mexico.

So the party (Emily, Adriane, Dreamer, and Ozzie) are still battling sand sharks while on their way to the cave. Lyra and Tweek show up somehow in the middle of the fight and help out. Okay, Lyra doesn’t show up “somehow”: she explains that she just searched for “magical mayhem”, and I guess Tweek calibrated a portal for her.

Anyway, after mauling and blowing up sand sharks with Magic Missiles, the party dashes into the cave. Inside, Emily introduces Tweek to the rest of the party. Tweek is flabbergasted, because someone is using fairy magic to alter nature. In the original edition, he also mentions that “only Fairimentals are supposed to use elemental magic.” I got a complaint about that: the party learns to use elemental magic later in the series, so obviously Fairimentals aren’t the only ones allowed to use elemental magic. This is deleted in the new edition, and replaced with this fine twig joke:

“What do you know?” Ozzie demanded.

“The square root of absolute shrub is four times the leaf.” [Tweek said.]

“What’s that?”


Oh, Tweek, you slay me with your humor. *facepalm*

As Tweek babbles on about missing magic, Emily starts Detecting Magic in the cave. And it’s a specific type of magic: unicorn magic! (And, in the new edition, some bats as well.) The party decides to go spelunking to find the source of magic. It doesn’t take them long: Ozzie bumps into an invisible magic shield. The party tries to cast Dispel (well, Adriane tries to break the shield by force), but all their efforts fail. Thankfully, Tweek pulls out his In-Book Encyclopedia and tells the party that the shield is a Unicorn Shield … and it can only be dispelled with unicorn magic.

And, unfortunately, Kara’s the only party member who possesses unicorn magic.

So Lyra contacts Kara (ain’t that convenient?). A few seconds later, a dragonfly portal opens, and out comes Kara in a bathrobe and mud mask. Of course, she’s pissed because a) the party interrupted her spa treatment, and b) she Polymorphed her mud bath into green Jell-O. And then she finally admits that she sucks at magic.

It takes some doing, but the party builds up Kara’s confidence and asks her to Dispel the shield. Kara’s first couple of tries end up Polymorphing parts of her outfit, but on the third attempt she casts Dispel. One bright flash of light later, Kara’s holding some sort of protection amulet, and a group of creatures is staring at the party….

Status Update!
Kara learns: Dispel! (Actually, I forget if she’s already learned this….)
Kara obtains: Unicorn Amulet! (It creates invisible shields.)

Next time: The party walks without rhythm so they don’t attract sandworms.


One comment

  1. Good that the little plot hole was caught and corrected. Not so good it was replaced by terrible puns. Yet after watching Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! Tweek’s puns look almost sophisticated in comparison.

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