Song of the Unicorns, Chapter 2: A Convenient Way to Keep the Party Together

The girls enter the Ravenswood library, only to find books flying everywhere, the orrery spinning out of control, and Kara spamming Polymorph. Lyra, Balthazar, Ronif, and Rasha are hiding under a table, because magically flying books are scary, yo. (This also shows that not all the refugees decided to return to Aldenmor. I wonder why Balthazar, Ronif, and Rasha chose to stay behind?) The party eventually convinces Kara to stop using her new Sparkly Rock, which causes all the stupid magical mayhem to stop.

Talk eventually turns to Emily’s upcoming winter trip. Emily obviously doesn’t want to make the cross-country trek. I hate saying it, but I totally agree with her: Emily would have to make a seven-hour flight between Philadelphia and Albuquerque (assuming there’s no layovers), then drive all the way down to Carlsbad. And if she’s really unlucky, there’ll be snow both in Philly and New Mexico.

Also, Kara gives some sound advice to Emily about meeting her stepmother: get the hell over it already. Of course, in the original edition, Kara kinda comes off as a bitch when she says this because she rolls her eyes at the same time.

Anyway, Ozzie googles some images of the resort and dude ranch Emily will be visiting. Adriane loves the pictures of the Happy Trails Ranch, and Kara goes totally gaga over the spa treatments at the Four Winds Resort. (Both locations are fictional.) Hmm, I’m not sure if Adriane would like to see Carlsbad in the winter. Still, the girls decide that they want to join Emily on her trip so they can all have an adventure together. Yay. They’ll even get a shipping crate for Dreamer so he can join in the fun! (Thank god someone did the research here: Dreamer would need to go in a shipping crate because he’s too damn big to fly in the passenger cabin — he weighs 30 pounds. Hell, my cat barely made the weight limit for flying in the cabin when I moved her cross-country!)

And then Ozzie notes that New Mexico’s motto is the “Land of Enchantment”, and wonders if there’s wizards about. Um, no. But there are UFO sightings, nuclear test sites, government-funded laboratories, chem teachers cooking up stuff in Winnebagos, and Norse gods running around randomly. Sadly, the party only tells Ozzie the first item on that list. (And there’s no way they could’ve told him the last item, because Thor wasn’t even out yet.)

Two things I like to note here, continuity-wise. First, Kara mentions that humans have been using magical protection amulets since prehistoric times — meaning that magic must have existed on Earth for a really freaking long time. Secondly, Kara complains about planning the Valentine’s Day dance … which is in two weeks. So does that mean that this book takes place in really late January? How is that possible when Dr. Fletcher mentioned winter break in the last chapter?

Next time: Boring travel logistics!



  1. Ozzie: New Mexico is the “Land of Enchantment”. Are there wizards there?

    Emily: That’s just the state motto, silly. But if you try Mr. White’s candy you’ll find there are all kinds of magic in the world!

    Wow, you flew your cat over? How much does the cat weigh?

    1. The cat weighs 17-18 pounds. Cat plus travel crate is 20 pounds, which is the weight limit for riding in the passenger cabin.

      … And she’s gotta make the flight back across the country later this year. Getting her under the weight limit is gonna be fun.

      1. Wow, your cat sounds huge! I’m used to dealing with small cats about 10 pounds. I wish you luck in dealing with all of that.

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