An Uber-Fun Activity for All: Questions for Rachel Roberts

Okay, I’ve had it with waiting for any sort of information on Shadow Warrior. Once someone is awesome enough to share Rachel Robert’s e-mail address with me, I’m shooting off an e-mail asking her about the status of Shadow Warrior. Of course, I figure it’s also the perfect opportunity to ask every single question we all have about the series in general. So here are mine. If you got questions of your own, put them in the comments; I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Questions after the cut, because a lot of them spoil stuff from the second half of the series.

[Edit] Just shot off the e-mail! Here’s hoping for a response.

My Questions:

  • How is work going on Shadow Warrior? When is the projected release date?
  • Is there any news on the Avalon movie?
  • Do Kara’s parents have names?
  • If fairy creatures lose their powers when they say their names, how come all the fairy creatures the girls have met (the Fairimentals, Be*Tween, and many others) still have their powers?
  • Why can’t the Fairimentals just create a new Fairy Map for the girls after the original ones were destroyed in Trial by Fire?
  • Are Warlock Diaries and Is “Legend of the LAOA” canon? If so, when do they does it take place in the series’ continuity? [First half of this one has already been answered. Thanks, SoozieQ.]
  • Was the Spider Witch always meant to be one of the original three mages? [Note to readers: in the original edition, she’s some mutated fairy creature the Dark Sorceress just happens to be imprisoned with.]
  • What was the role of the Insect Warrior who was allied with the Dark Sorceress and Spider Witch in the original edition? [Note to readers: the Insect Warrior is also imprisoned with the Sorceress and Spider Witch in the original edition. He does make a cameo in the new edition, though.]
  • What’s up with Zach’s parents and their dark past?
  • How long were the portals on the Magic Web closed before the series begins? How and when did they reopen?
  • How exactly are animals from Earth descended from magical animals?
  • The series offers two origins for merfolk: they either evolved from humans or mermaids. Which origin is correct?
  • Were there other groups of mages who tried to find Avalon?
  • How old were the original mages when they tried to open the Gates of Avalon?
  • What’s the name of that winged horse Sierra is bonded to?
  • Does that mysterious white unicorn that brought Kara to the Gates of Avalon have a name?
  • Is Level 4 the highest level a mage can reach?
  • Are warlocks human, or are they some weird magical humanoid species?

Community Questions:

  • Are you really Charlotte Fullerton? [I gotta find a more eloquent way to ask this one.]
  • When exactly does each book in the series take place?
  • Why does Kara start seventh grade in All That Glitters, but graduate from eighth grade in Full Circle?
  • Were the books always meant to have similarities and references to the show Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders? [Argh, I need a better way to ask this one, too.]


    1. Jewel Riders recaps should come when I’m done with the Avalon books that are out so far. At the rate I’m going, that probably won’t be until next summer at the earliest ^_^ I might start earlier if I’m bored, though.

      … And I’m adding your question to the massive pile. Yay.

      1. Eh, I thought you would do it between books or something.

        But anyway you can ask her why did she change “Morgana” to “Miranda”. šŸ˜‰ And more seriously, about the connections and behind-the-scenes stuff in general.

  1. When I e-mailed RR back when the website still had the e-mail form active, she replied from the address avalonwebofmagic[at] She was usually pretty slow to answer, and she hasn’t replied to my last e-mail that I sent maybe a year and a half ago. Those are all pretty good questions. I’d like to ask her about the timeline of the series and in which month each book takes place, and why Kara is going into seventh grade in Book 2, but they’re graduating eight grade in Book 12.

    She answered a lot of the questions that I asked her, and said that Warlock Diaries takes place between Book 10 and Book 11.

    1. Wow, that’s the e-mail address? I was going to randomly type that into Gmail and hope it worked. (Looking at the e-mail form’s code didn’t quite work — it just got me to a “yay, you sent it!” page.) Sucks to see that she takes so long to respond, though.

      Yeah, I thought Warlock Diaries took place between Heart of Avalon and Dark Mage. Emily being drawn with her old Rainbow Jewel but displaying some of her Level 2 powers just threw me off a little. Thanks for the confirmation.

      … And I’m adding your questions to the massive pile. Yay.

    2. If I email RR at that address she’ll answer?! Because if that’s the case, that’s so awesome!

      1. I don’t think she responds to that e-mail. When I did my interview with RR, I had to do it by contacting Premier Digital Publishing, which publishes the e-book re-release. I think you can also post your questions on the official Facebook page, too.

  2. Here’s a question I would ask: What the heck is shadow warrior and does it come before or after the warlock diaries.

    1. * Shadow Warrior is the sequel to Avalon: Web of Magic. It’s expected to be released in November.

      * Warlock Diaries takes place between Heart of Avalon and Dark Mage.

      * Charlotte Fullerton was a writer on Jewel Riders the show that Avalon is loosely based on.

  3. And when does the warlock diaries take place, because I’m hearing it takes place between “heart of Avalon” and “dark Mage”

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