Trial by Fire, Chapter 19: An Easy Solution

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 17.)

Adriane, Kara, and Lyra finally make it back to the crystal chamber, only to find Emily and Zach trying to help the entire mistwolf pack. The mistwolves are trying to keep a massive green cloud of potentially bad magic from spreading, and (in the new edition) Emily is complaining that she can’t just spam Heal and keep the wolves from getting hurt again. The party realizes that they have to do something about the ominous, possibly radioactive cloud. So Emily casts Protection from Radiation, Kara amplifies the spell, and Adriane strengthens it somehow. They fire this Improved Protection from Radiation spell at the cloud, and it goes away.

Hey, party — maybe you should market your Magical Nuclear Waste clean-up method on Earth. I can think of a few places that seriously need it.

Anyway, after the party casts their awesome spell, the crystal chamber starts to collapse. The party leads all the wolves out of the place, but Adriane stays behind briefly to find Stormbringer. She’s nowhere to be found, though. Eventually the party convinces Adriane to leave, and they all escape from the crumbling dungeon.

Outside, magic is raining, and the Shadowlands start to recover from their nuked-out state. The wolves tell Adriane that Stormbringer was able to keep the pack alive because she thought of her bonded mage. Aww, ain’t that precious.

For those of you who haven’t read the series: How dead do you think Stormbringer is? You think she’s gonna come back? No body was found, so I’m gonna guess she’ll be back … somehow.

Status Update!
The party learns: Improved Protection from Radiation! (Which they never use again.)

Next time: Ozzie becomes more useful, and the party gets a new quest.


  1. I never thought about Storm surviving before since I never read to the very end of the series before.

    The healing of Aldenmor sure began quickly. It’s a moving image, but it doesn’t seem well-justified. Nothing about all that trapped magic restoring the Shadowlands to their former state, unless that’s in the next chapter.

    1. You don’t learn that the Shadowlands have been restored until Song of the Unicorns, when Gwigg tells the girls what happened on Aldenmor after this book. The girls don’t get to visit the restored Shadowlands until Heart of Avalon. Let’s just say that the recovery process didn’t take very long.

  2. I read this chapter yesterday but just thought to bring this up: the picture at the end of the chapter, with Adriane howling with the pack, doesn’t actually occur in the chapter. I assume they’re doing this in memory of Stormbringer.

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