Trial by Fire, Chapter 15: In Which a Lot of Stuff Happens

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 13.)

I might be super-nice today and do two chapters, since Thanksgiving is coming up for me and all my American readers. Expect Chapter 16/14 later tonight.

So after the party (Adriane, Emily, Lyra, Ozzie, and Zach) finish laughing about Ozzie’s addiction to banana milkshakes, they get back to backtracking through the lower levels of the Dark Circle. Eventually Adriane and Zach detect something … which turns out to be Dreamer. Thanks to his one ability (Detect Magic), Dreamer was able to find the party. The party decides to exploit Dreamer’s one skill in making their way back to the crystal chamber of doom.

Meanwhile, Kara’s riding on that mysterious white unicorn again, following the path Kara opened with the Fairy Map. (Originally, the unicorn recreates the path Kara revealed on the Map.) All the unicorn tells Kara is that they’re going “home”.

Back in the dungeons, the party finally finds a familiar room: the crystal foundry Adriane passed by on her initial escape all the way back in Cry of the Wolf. There’s not much there now but broken crystals covered with Black Fire residue. The party realizes that this is the source of all that magical nuclear fallout. They decide not to enter the room, but their rationale differs between editions. Originally, Zach says that there isn’t much to do in there. In the new edition, there’s actually something hazardous in the room (you would think so, with the radioactive crystals and all):

“Careful.” Lyra pushed Ozzie aside as he almost stepped in a puddle of glowing poison. Sections of the stone floor had been eaten away where the toxic substance had settled.

“Stay in the tunnel and keep moving,” Adriane ordered.

Eventually the party reaches the crystal chamber. They don’t see Stormbringer, but there’s a bunch of imps guarding the place now. The crystals have changed, too: they’re pulsating and generating energy! Adriane fights off some imps so that the rest of the party can enter the chamber. However, Emily starts Detecting Magic and realizes that barrage of magical energy is headed straight for the crystals. Adriane decides to distract the Sorceress along with Lyra, while Zach covers Emily and Ozzie as they cast Heal on the mistwolves.

As Adriane leaves, she hears Stormbringer again, and knows deep down that this is the last time she’ll ever hear her wolf. Aww.

Status Update!
Dreamer rejoins the party!
Adriane and Lyra leave the party!
Zach learned: Detect Magic and Detect Evil!

Next time: Kara finds the Very Definitely Final Dungeon again, and Adriane fights a boss.

One comment

  1. I thought the illustration really worked for this chapter well. I love the illustrations in general, but this one stood out to me.

    Since I read The Warlock Diaries before Trial by Fire I figured that something had happened to Storm when I first read this, but I hadn’t expected death. That surprised me.

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