Trial by Fire, Chapter 14: Friendship Is an Awesome Power

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 12.)

Dammit real life and Skyward Sword, you have distracted me from this blog for too long.

Anyway, back in the deep dark bowels of the Dark Circle, the party (Adriane, Emily, Lyra, Ozzie, and Zach) are attempting to backtrack their way to the crystal chamber. Lyra’s dungeon map isn’t much help now, because the Sorceress did some serious remodeling; now almost everything’s different. Exhausted, the party sits down to take a breather.

Zach thinks that now is a perfect opportunity to ask how Adriane and Emily met Kara. This leads to a massive recap of all the good times the party has had. Eventually the party reaffirms that, yes, they are each other’s best friends in the world. This moment is punctuated with lots of wholesome, friendly laughter. Personally, I think a party friendship song is in order.

And just like in Adventure Time, all this Power of Friendship stuff breaks a spell — namely, the mind-control spell Kara is under. Kara continues to activate the Fairy Maps, though, because she can’t let the Sorceress know that the spell is broken. In the original edition, the Sorceress finds out despite Kara’s best attempts … and then this happens:

Somewhere a wild animal shrieked. It was the sorceress. Long horns sprouted from her head, fangs protruded from her open mouth. She was screaming — but Kara could hear nothing.

This transformation is temporary; the next time Kara faces the Sorceress, she’s back to her normal more-human-than-animal self. For those of you who have read the entire series, this totally foreshadows something that happens towards the end of Full Circle — which is why I’m really disappointed it was deleted in the revised edition.

So Kara finishes combining the maps … and a familiar white unicorn shows up. Kara jumps on its back, and the two vanish….

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Adriane doesn’t call Kara “Barbie” during her recap of their friendship.

Next time: I hope you’re not sick of dungeon crawling … ’cause there’s gonna be more! Yay!



  1. I thought the Sorceress shrieking like an animal was an odd detail. Maybe they thought it was giving too much away at that point and thought her shrieking was foreshadowing enough.

    The video is broken. Which Adventure Time song was it?

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