Day: November 2, 2011

Trial by Fire, Chapter 4: Northern Lights

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the first third of Chapter 4.)

Remember in Final Fantasy VI when your party splits up and you get to choose which scenario you played through first? If Avalon was a video game, this would be that part. We’re gonna start with Adriane’s little adventure, because that’s what this section chapter focuses on.

So Adriane and Stormbringer land in a wintry area somewhere in the northern part of Aldenmor. They’re nowhere near Mount Hope, but they’re by an ocean, so the party tries to reach the water. In the new edition, the party is briefly distracted by a light show:

Suddenly, the sky rippled with reds and purples. Blues and greens appeared. The entire sky seemed full of color and motion. Then, after several seconds, everything faded to a warm orange glow.

“What was that?” Adriane asked.

Storm sniffed the air. “Wild magic.”

Yes, Jewel Riders fans, this is how wild magic outbreaks manifest in Avalon: as aurorae.

Anyway, the party gets a magical distress call. They climb over some dunes and find a giant plesiosaur-like dragon being attacked by white bear creatures. (The supplemental materials call the bear-things “snow bears”, and the plesiosaurs “sea dragons”. I guess those are appropriate names.) Adriane fires a Wolf Whirl and casts Shield while Stormbringer mauls a bear or two. It’s not much of a battle; the bears are easily intimidated and leave.

After the fight, the party heads off in the general direction of Mount Hope, but are stopped by a group of sea dragons mounted by green-skinned humanoids. This new party claims that they’ve been waiting for Adriane….

Next time: Emily contracts radiation poisoning.