A Last-Minute Poll.

Okay, there’s been some discussion in the comments about me doing recaps of Princess Gwenevere/Starla and the Jewel Riders episodes. I’m totally up to doing it — it gives Avalon fans a chance to understand the series’ source material. However, I’m not entirely sure when I should start recapping the show. So here are your options:

* I start episode recaps next week while I continue on with Trial by Fire and the rest of the book series.
* I take a break between each of the remaining books (6-12 plus the manga) and recap 3-4 episodes.
* I take a break between Trial by Fire, recap the first season of Jewel Riders, then continue on with the books, and conclude with the remaining episodes.
* I recap all the remaining books and the manga, then work on the show.

No matter what, it gives us all something to do while we wait for any information on Shadow Warrior. (When’s that coming out, anyway?) Chime in with your opinions below.



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