Spellsinger, Chapter 12: Hello Again, Token Male Character!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the second half of Chapter 10.)

While Kara is out talking with Johnny, Emily and Adriane are at the portal field in Ravenswood trying to summon Kara’s dragonflies. The girls’ attempts aren’t working out, and they can’t afford to wait any longer for Kara to show up (she’s already an hour late), so they try to come up with another way to open the portal (or, in the original edition, summon the dreamcatcher). Adriane suggests using the unicorn horn, but Ozzie (in the original edition) states that that may not be such a great idea. (Why? Does he know that Kara has it?) Emily thinks they should try a spellsong from the book she photocopied, so she gives pages to the other party members. After browsing through a few spells that the party never uses, they come across the perfect summoning song:

Come to us Hear our call, so strong and clear
We use this song to bring you near
We summon you before us, the image we see inside
We need your power, by this spell, abide

The party sings the spell — which is a one-time-use spell, because it disappears from the book, photocopies, and the party’s memories after casting — which opens the portal (or makes the dreamcatcher materialize). Adriane and Stormbringer sing a Wolfsong, which is soon answered by Moonshadow in Aldenmor.

Moonshadow and Zach have some good and bad news. The good thing is that there’s no more Black Fire fallout. However, the Sorceress has completed four massive crystals, which Zach thinks will be used to store magic from Avalon. But how the hell is the Sorceress going to access Avalon in the first place? In the original edition, the party believes this is an excellent time to recap their last adventure for Zach’s sake:

“We know the Sorceress damaged sections of the web trying to do something to the portals,” Emily said. “She even tried to use the magic of a unicorn horn, but it wouldn’t work for her.”

“Yeah, so how is she going to succeed this time?” Adriane asked.

The party immediately realizes that the Fairy Map is the key to opening Avalon, and that the Sorceress can’t use the map because it wasn’t given to her. Right before the portal closes, Zach tells the party that the Sorceress may have sent someone — or something — to Ravenswood who will manipulate the party into activating the map. Even though the dreamcatcher does keep evil things from entering the portal, the party notes that someone just entered Ravenswood without using said portal. And this someone has been spending way too much time with Kara….

After talking with Zach, Emily runs off to Kara’s house (in the original edition) while Adriane heads back to the manor. However, Gran tells Adriane that she’s not feeling well, so the two enter their cabin … only to find another Gran passed out on a couch. This is where, if Adriane actually read a comic book or watched a shit-ton of sci-fi movies, she should have noticed that one of the Grans was a Skrull or something. But no, Adriane’s all like, “WTF’s going on?” while not!Gran tackles Adriane, casts a sleep spell, and starts shapeshifting into her.

Yeah, massive fail there, Adriane.

Status Update!
Adriane, Emily, and Ozzie learn (and promptly forget): Summoning Spell!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Stormbringer only calls for Moonshadow once when attempting to contact him.

Next time: Kara grows a brain and realizes there’s a Skrull invasion going down.


One comment

  1. I really don’t blame Adriane here. Even I, who knows about Skrulls, White Martians, Clayface, and other shapeshifters, would probably be taken off guard like that unless I knew about real shapeshifters before hand. It would still be a big enough shock the first time.

    The illustration for the revised chapter remains my favorite out of all the books I read in this series so far.

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