Spellsinger, Chapter 10: Stonehill’s Got Talent

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 9.)

It’s time for the karaoke contest, and Kara is hella nervous. The last spellsong she cast has already worn off, and she thinks her outfit is terribad. Said outfit is a “long beige cardigan over a dark mini, black tights, hot pink pullover, brown suede pants, and her new Valero boots.” Oh, and her +5 Luck locket and the unicorn horn hidden in her pants pocket.

Pimped-Out Kara Outfit Count: 2

(Is it just me, or is Kara’s original outfit kinda provocative for a 12- or 13-year-old girl?)

Anyway, all the girls backstage ogle Kara’s new locket. In the original edition, the girls know the locket is Johnny’s because pictures of it were published in official biographies and websites. They just take Kara’s word that it’s Johnny’s in the revision. Some of the girls go squee over it, while others are visibly jealous.

Adriane eventually shows up in a pimped-out outfit of her own: a “black leather jacket and skirt, a black tube top, black vest, stylish jeans, and black leather boots.” Someone’s trying to cultivate a goth image. (Again … isn’t her original outfit kinda risque? Never in a million years can I picture Adriane in a tube top.) Adriane realizes that this whole karaoke battle thing has gotten out of hand in the new edition, and she tries to tell Kara about it:

“It’s just … some strange things have been going on.”

“You would think that,” Kara muttered.

Adriane’s eyes widened and she looked ready to deliver a nasty comeback — then she forced a smile into place. “Look, I haven’t been myself lately. I don’t know why it became so important to win this contest.”

Kara tapped her foot, waiting.

“Okay, what do you think is going on?” Adriane asked.

“Nothing,” Kara said impatiently, looking past Adriane to where the contestants were starting to line up.

The karaoke contest begins! Adriane is the sixth performer, and she goes onstage playing some sort of classic rock song. It’s never specified in the book, but for the purposes of this recap I’m gonna pretend Adriane played this:

(Yes, this is what I think when I hear “classic rock”. You’re more than welcome to suggest something different ^_^)

It’s Heather’s turn next. She sings something so amazing that most of the contestants after her want to drop out.

Eventually it’s Kara’s turn. She goes onstage, gets really nervous … then notices that Johnny is mouthing along to the song Kara chose. The locket flares up, which causes Kara to black out in the original edition. In the revision, Kara is fully aware of what she’s doing on stage:

She reached for the power of the unicorns and felt a sparkle of fire where the locket hung.

With a twirl, Kara stepped into a choreographed dance move, moving in sync with the beat. Her voice sang out, filling the auditorium and carrying the melody in perfect pitch. Rocking out, Kara danced up a storm as the crowd was swept to their feet with the excitement of her performance.

Either way, the crowd goes wild. The contest winners are announced soon afterwards, and of course the list includes Adriane, Heather, and Kara. Adriane isn’t pleased, however: she’s been Detecting Magic throughout the entire contest, so she noticed that Kara had some magical help. She forces Kara to back out of the finals, but Kara only agrees to do so if Adriane does, too — or else she’ll tell everyone that Adriane practiced with Johnny. In the new edition, Adriane also asks Kara why she has to sing in the finals … and Kara doesn’t have a good reason.

Kara tells Johnny’s people that she’s backing out, and immediately thinks about how she’ll take her frustrations out on Adriane….

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara wears a sequined tank top instead of a hot pink pullover.

Next time: Kara gets a surprise visitor.



  1. In the ebook, Kara’s hot pink pullover is replaced with a sequined tank top. Adriane’s revised wardrobe is unchanged though. They must have decided the original outfits were questionable on girls of this age.

  2. Is it just me, or does the book not specify that Kara actually sang anything, just danced?

    Also, odd that Kara would withdraw from the contest without actually seeing Adriane do the same.

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