Spellsinger, Chapter 9: Fun with Generic Fantasy Prophecies

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 8.)

Lucky for Kara, she’s not too badly injured from her battle with the hitherto-unknown-to-her Skultum!Lyra, so she cleans herself off before the Catty Girl Posse arrive to help out with Important Concert Stuff. Important Concert Stuff apparently means ordering a three-cheese pizza, singing along to Johnny Conrad songs, and listening to Heather run through voice exercises. (Remember all the way back in the revised edition of Book 2 where Kara mentions that Heather takes singing lessons?)

The Catty Girls ask Heather to sing “Supernatural High”, which she does. However, Kara gets pissed off by this because a) Heather’s a naturally talented singer, and b) “Supernatural High” was the song Kara sang with Lyra all the way back in Chapter 1. Still all discombobulated after the boss battle, Kara tells Heather to shut the hell up. The Catty Girls chalk up Kara’s odd behavior to being overworked with Ravenswood stuff and leave.

A few minutes later, Emily shows up at Kara’s house to drop off photocopies of the spellsinging book. Each party member gets a third of the book; the girls will each take notes and compare them after the concert.

Before Emily leaves, Kara asks Emily why the Fairimentals had chosen her to join the party and ruined her social life. Emily isn’t sure why they were chosen or how far their quest will take them, but she does know that two-thirds of the party have fulfilled their part of the Generic Fantasy Prophecy. Adriane followed her heart by searching for Stormbringer on Aldenmor, and Emily saw in darkness when guiding the party back to Ravenswood after the battle with the harpy … leaving Kara to change completely and utterly in some manner. Kara, of course, doesn’t want that to happen. This leads to a discussion on changes in the new edition:

[Emily said,] “My dad always says life is change. I think he means that we’re going to change no matter what we do, if we want to or not.”

Kara flashed on the magnificent white unicorn that had taken her to the beaches of Avalon. Fairy wraiths, the guardians of Avalon, had asked her if she was ready to become the blazing star.

This goes into a scene directly lifted from All That Glitters, in which Kara learns that only people who truly understand magic (read: at a high enough level) can see Avalon, and that the fairy map is to help blazing stars find Avalon. Going on….

Only the blazing star could open the fairy map to Avalon — the one she had lost.

Kara blinked and looked back at her friend’s warm smile.

“Emily, something is happening to me,” Kara admitted. “How do I know what to do? What’s right?”

The healer smiled. “When I see Ozzie, or Ariel, or Storm, or any of the other animals, and the way they look at me, the way they love me and you and Adriane … I just know it’s the right thing to help them. Because we’re friends and we love them.”

“Yeah … ” Kara agreed.

“That’s one thing that will never change.”

Kara sighed and walked to the window, looking for a pair of golden wings. “I wish I could believe that.”

Emily then leaves Kara’s place. Kara tries to think about how great a friend Emily is, but then the locket flashes (in the new edition), and her thoughts immediately drift to how she’ll use her new collection of spellsongs to win the karaoke contest….

Status Update!
Kara (and by extension Emily and Adriane) obtains: Spellsinging Book (1/3)!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • The fairy wraiths don’t tell Kara that she’s not a high enough level to see the Gates of Avalon during the flashback.

Next time: Kara violates the sanctity of Karaoke Battle!



  1. I like how it doesn’t occur to Kara that if a few rhymes could break glass and split a tree then perhaps doing a full song might cause her to spew fireballs or explode heads. That would have been entertaining.

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