A Digression: The Music of Avalon

Since Spellsinger introduces about half the songs that appear in the Avalon series, I thought I would whip up a quick article about them. Below you’ll learn about the songs, who performs them, and where you can find them (if they are available at all).

Who performs these songs?
In the Avalon universe, most of the songs are sung by Be*Tween, a trio of powerful fairy spellsingers. (Technically, one of their songs is covered by Be*Fuddled, a Be*Tween tribute band.) Johnny Conrad, a teen idol who appears briefly in Spellsinger, performs a couple of his hits for the girls and writes special songs for Kara and Adriane. The party composes a few songs towards the end of the series, all of which have very plot-specific use. And then there’s Lorelei’s special song, which Lorelei taught Emily; and a jingle for the Shopping Realm, which is sung by a group of fairy creatures when Kara first visits said realm.

In real life, Be*Tween’s songs are performed by Debra Davis. Two of Be*Tween’s songs (Supernatural High and Golden) and both party-composed songs are written by her. The rest of Be*Tween’s repertoire originally appeared in Jewel Riders, where they’re credited to Jeff Pescetto. The original edition of Spellsinger has lyric credits for Johnny Conrad’s songs, but don’t mention who actually wrote them. As for the other songs in the series, there are no credits listed for them, so I assume Rachael Roberts wrote them.

What are these songs?
Here’s a quick list of the songs, organized by when they first appear in the series:

* Lorelei’s Song [Lorelei]
* Supernatural High [Be*Tween]
* Take a Chance and Dance [Johnny Conrad]
* Friend in You (original edition only) [Be*Tween]
* Better [Adriane]
* The Door / Shine Your Light (name and lyrics are changed in new edition) [Kara]
* I Put a Spell on You [Johnny Conrad]
* Spirit of Avalon [Be*Tween]
* Feel the Magic [Be*Tween]
* Music by Heart [the party]
* Earth Song [the party]
* Golden [Be*Tween]
* Shopping Realm Theme [a random group of magical creatures]

Where can you hear or obtain these songs?
Recordings only exist for Supernatural High, Friend in You, Spirit of Avalon, Feel the Magic, and Golden. You can download them from the official Avalon site, or listen to them on YouTube. Even though Music by Heart and Earth Song are credited to Debra Davis, I haven’t found recordings of them yet.

When Spellsinger was originally published, you could get a CD with Supernatural High, Spirit of Avalon, and an excerpt of Circles in the Stream if you bought your copy from Borders. I’ve seen the CD floating around on Amazon, and I’ve heard of people getting this album from Rachael Roberts after writing fan letters to her.

If you watched Jewel Riders, three of the above songs will totally be recognizable to you — unless you were unlucky like me and didn’t have the last two episodes of the series air in your region. Friend in You played in “Full Circle” (around 6:30 in the first clip), Spirit of Avalon could be heard in the background in “Spirit of Avalon” (around 3:15 in the second clip), and Feel the Magic was prominent in “Song of the Rainbow” (1 minute into the third clip, and it repeats often throughout) — albeit all with a different band singing them:

In addition to the songs above, there is an “Avalon Orchestral Suite” that was available on the audiobook. That, too, is available for download on the official Avalon site.

That’s just about everything I know about the music in the series. If I missed anything, you’re free to correct me.

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  1. These are rather nice. My favorite is “Supernatural High” because it reminds me of the songs in Winx Club, except in English. I wonder if Iginio Straffi was influenced by Princess Gwenevere (or Starla e le sette gemme del mistero as it’s known in Italy). Anyway, I’m totally putting that song on my phone.

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