Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 8: It’s About Time!

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 6.)

Okay, I was originally going to go into an epic rant about how bored I was with Emily traipsing around in the forest looking for her Technicolor Dream Horse. I was going to write how I was totally looking forward to the next book, where I would post Avalon music and clips from the Scott Pilgrim game and movie. Hell, I was planning on replacing today’s entry with an outline for a brief article on the music used in this series! But then things actually happened in today’s chapter, and so my grand plans fell by the wayside….

Anyway, Emily finds her Technicolor Dream Horse (Technicolor Dream Pony in the original edition). Said equine is 12 16 hands high, the size of an average pony a small horse. (Quick lesson, children: a hand is 4 inches, and a horse is measured from the ground to the withers. So our TDH is about 48 64 inches tall at the shoulder.) She’s also suffering from severe wounds and radiation poisoning. Emily has trouble approaching her at first, but after humming a few bars of the song from her Trippy Dream Sequence, she finally makes contact. The horse apparently communicates musically, so when Emily hums the song, a connection is formed between them.

Emily is treated to another Trippy Dream Sequence (seriously, again?) and soon learns that:

a) The horse’s name is Lorelei,
b) Lorelei was separated from her family,
c) Lorelei is ashamed about something, and
d) Lorelei’s an f’ing unicorn.

Of course, right before Emily casts Heal, Stormbringer shows up and scares Lorelei off. Yeah, great timing there — but it was totally necessary. Emily’s connection with Lorelei created enough magic to uproot most of the trees around them. (That’s right, it caused more damage than the freaking hurricane did in my neighborhood. I saw one toppled tree. ONE.)

Status Update!
Emily bonded(?) with Lorelei!

Next time: Dr. Fletcher calls Emily out on her irresponsible behavior.


One comment

  1. I was struck by the mention of Lorelei’s shame while reading. I realized that it isn’t often I find a fictional character with a deep sense of shame and violation. Ashamed, yes, but this seems different. It’s kind of uncomfortable finding that in a book series like this.

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