Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 7: Well, That Was a Letdown

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 5.)

So Emily, Ozzie, and Stormbringer brace themselves for the appearance of … a perfectly harmless blue-and-purple giant frog creature that Ozzie identifies as a flobbin. This particular flobbin, who calls himself Ghyll, was on his way to the Fairy Glen when the portals got all messed up. Now he’s stranded on Earth, and absolutely famished. Ozzie gets along quite well with Ghyll when he discovers that the flobbin knows some of Ozzie numerous relations, so they run off to get some ferret chow.

Ugh, that was quite a disappointment.

Anyway, Emily starts detecting wounded animals again, and follows the signal from earlier, despite being quite exhausted (in the new edition). Suddenly, a wave of magic hits her. Instead of blacking out, though, Emily has yet another Trippy Dream Sequence, in which she runs on a path of stars until stopped by some figure brandishing a knife. Emily snaps out of the vision on her own….

Next time: Emily finally finds what she’s looking for! About f’ing time.


One comment

  1. I rather like Ghyll myself and his job of locating magic blobs; not very glamorous, but important. I can’t remember if that ever became important since I don’t remember the end of this book, but I hope it does.

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