Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 6: Don’t Get Distracted by the Beautiful (Evil) Visions!

(If you have the original edition, this is chapter 4.)

So the poorly prepared party of Emily, Ozzie, and Stormbringer are following tracks in the forest, wondering what the hell they’re tracking. Ozzie tries to prove he’s not so useless and runs off a list of hoofed beasties of Aldenmor. (It’s quite a list; the bestiary has been updated accordingly.) Of course, Ozzie only mentions rather friendly creatures, so when Stormbringer learns about the stinking evil thing in the forest from Adriane (yay for psychic links!), he immediately rattles off a list of not-very-friendly creatures the party could be following. His list includes werebeasts, which — according to the old Avalon website — include weresharks. How impractical is it to turn into a shark once a month?

Sorry, got off track there.

Anyway, Stormbringer senses strong magic, so she and Ozzie chase after it. Emily, however, is distracted by a haunting melody sung by some vague vision. Unfortunately, said vision is the ghoulish figure from earlier in disguise! Thank goodness Stormbringer noticed Emily was missing and ran back to snap her out of it. The ghoul’s nowhere to be found, though.

Storm suggests that Emily try tracking the injured hoofed creature with her magic. Emily mentally reaches out for the animal and receives strong signals of pain and fear and other chaotic emotions, along with some rather discordant sounds. The party chases after these signals, and come across a color-changing horse-thing that eventually escapes them.

And then they hear something hopping loudly towards them….

Status Update!
Emily learns Detect (Wounded) Animals!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Ozzie mentions night stallions instead of nightmares in his list of magical equines.

Next time: The party gets their asses handed to them.


One comment

  1. Reading this chapter again today, I thought it was nicely frightening how something as horrific as the monster in this book being able to make herself seem pleasant. Not through a total disguise but merely a melody that just makes the creature seem trustworthy; the description of the creature when Emily is hypnotized seems to be the same, just given a beautiful spin. Like her eyes aren’t just black sockets but calm pools that promise Emily tranquility. I think this is one of the most effective sequences in the book.

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